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Ranking season has begun for competitive Super Smash Bros. players. Ultimate’s ranking system, the PGRU, has just concluded its reveals for the fall 2019 season. The PGRU is determined by an algorithm that rates players based on their wins, losses, and tournament placements. As it turns out, the upcoming spring 2020 season will see a revamped ranking system for Smash Ultimate.

The Fall 2019 PGRU season lasted from July 13 to Dec. 15. Reveals of the rankings began on Jan. 13 and concluded on Jan. 23. The rankings also included an honorable mentions list, known as Area 51. Smash Ultimate’s top 50 players are as follows:

  1. Leonardo “MkLeo” Perez
  2. Ezra Samsora Morris
  3. Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey
  4. Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada
  5. Tyler “Marss” Martins
  6. Enrique “Maister” Hernández Solís
  7. Sota “Zackray” Okada
  8. William “Glutonny” Belaid
  9. Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby
  10. Paris “Light” Ramirez
  11. Takuto “Kameme” Ono
  12. Takuma “Tea” Hirooka
  13. Shuto “Shuton” Moriya
  14. Eric “ESAM” Lew
  15. Isami “T” Ikeda
  16. Kengo “KEN” Suzuki
  17. Ishiguro “Raito” Tetsuya
  18. Shintaro “Kuro” Kakihara
  19. “ProtoBanham”
  20. Chris “WaDi” Boston
  21. “Lea”
  22. Rasheen “Dark Wizzy” Rose
  23. Brian “Cosmos” Kalu
  24. Yuta “Abadango” Kawamura
  25. Seisuke “Kome” Komeda
  26. Toshimasa “Choco” Hayakawa
  27. Yuta “Nietono” Uejima
  28. David “LeoN” Leon
  29. Gakuto “Gackt” Ito
  30. Saleem “Salem” Young
  31. Raffi “Raffi-X” Azar
  32. Matt “Elegant” Fitzpatrick
  33. Eric “Pandarian” Lund
  34. Yuki “Etsuji” Kajihara
  35. Shimizu “Umeki” Masaki
  36. Nicko Bonilla
  37. Nicholas “Ned” Dovel
  38. James “VoiD” Makekau-Tyson
  39. Luis “Lui$” Ocegurea
  40. Andrew “ScAtt” Huntley
  41. Eita “HIKARU” Hoshi
  42. Alexis “Goblin” Stennett
  43. Spencer “BestNess” Garner
  44. Ramin “Mr. R” Delshad
  45. Randy “RFang” Fang
  46. Kolawole “Kola” Aideyan
  47. Michael “Riddles” Kim
  48. Noriyuki Kirihara
  49. Dawson “Big D” Perron
  50. “Ron”

Area 51:

  • Seima “Eim” Tomonoh
  • William “Leffen” Hjelte
  • Robert “Myran” Herrin
  • Carrington “Wrath” Osborne
  • Yatiyaña “yeti” Schaper

Fall 2019 PGRU

MkLeo staked his claim as No. 1 in the world in an even more dominant fashion than the previous season. His consistency was remarkable. He placed 1st at almost every tournament he entered, with his lowest placing all season being 2nd place. Going into the 2020 season, MkLeo remains the person to overthrow.

Though only moving up two spaces, Samsora had one of the most difficult climbs up the Fall 2019 PGRU ranks. He can now boast his status as the No. 2 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player in the world. In addition, Samsora is one of only four players who won an S-tier this season. The others were MkLeo (who won three), Nairo, and Zackray (the latter two of whom won one each).

By far the highest climb up the rankings was that of Maister. The Mexican Mr. Game & Watch main went from completely unranked to No. 6 in the world. In the Fall 2019 PGRU season, he earned wins over the likes of Samsora, Zackray, and Light. In contrast, Myran had the largest drop (barring the since-banned Elliot “Ally” Carroza-Oyarce), falling 38 spots.

The Fall 2019 PGRU notably saw dramatic rises for many Japanese players. In fact, this was the most international PGR ever, featuring 26 players from outside of the United States. These players represented Japan, Mexico, Canada, France, and the Netherlands. Area 51 adds two more international players into the mix, including a representative from Sweden.

Though he fell short of the top 50, Leffen’s appearance in Area 51 is still quite noteworthy. Leffen is the first player to appear on the PGRU while being primarily known for his competition in Melee. In Ultimate, he boasts wins over the likes of Tweek, Maister, and Salem.