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Formula 1 team Williams Racing, and Resolve, a UK esports organization, have announced a partnership with the intention to enter Rocket League together once the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season XI begins.

While a roster hasn’t been announced yet, Williams Racing’s plan to join the RLCS shows promise for the scene. The RLCS has made significant improvements with Season X and that is now bearing fruit with high-profile teams such as Williams Racing and FaZe Clan joining the esport. The team will take on the name Williams Resolve.

Williams Racing and Rocket League, a fitting combination

Motorsport and Rocket League are not an uncommon mix. The game has had numerous racing-related DLC added, including an F1 pack, and Williams Racing is not the first racing team to join the RLCS. Team Vitality in Rocket League was previously a co-operation between Renault Sport and Team Vitality, while Veloce Esports also used to field a Rocket League team.

Tim Hunt, Chief Marketing Officer at Williams Racing, is excited to bring the Formula 1 team to Rocket League.

“Rocket League has been a topic of discussion around the team for a while now; our people play it; their kids play it – it’s huge,” Hunt said. “Regardless of whether it’s on track or off it, Williams Racing has an imperative to race and compete, and this is what we’ll be doing with Resolve as we enter the Rocket League Championship Series Season XI. This partnership is incredibly exciting; Resolve have made an impressive start to life as a competitive esports team and we’re looking forward to being a part of that as we continue to take on the world of esports and expand our audience beyond racing.”

Which RLCS team can they sign?

The Williams Racing name in Rocket League is big, but the Formula 1 team isn’t usually at the top of the motorsport scene. If they want to find success in the RLCS, they will have to be open to signing all sorts of talent, from promising free agents to an unsigned roster, or be willing to drop some major money.

With RLCS X over, the roster shuffle mania is in full swing. Many teams will be making a change and some might even disband altogether to form new partnerships.

There are a handful of unsigned top players in the European RLCS. Both the White Demons team and German Amigos have had decent performances, while ninth-placed Galaxy Racer also dropped its roster. But the offseason is long and unpredictable, and with no announced date for RLCS Season XI, it could be a while until we see the newly formed teams.