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Another big mainstream apparel brand has jumped on board the esports train

As esports becomes more mainstream and widely accepted, more mainstream brands are signing up to take part. The latest inclusion to esports is New Balance. The footwear company has teamed up with the F1 Esports Series. New Balance will be working with Formula 1 as the presenting partner for the Pro Series.

New Balance will be “fully integrated” into the F1 Esports Series. The brand will be running activations and feature in a range of live digital content. All competing drivers will also sport New Balance shoes and socks.

It’s about the innovation

Many companies who have joined the esports bandwagon have commented on the access to an untapped market, as well as their business goals of pushing boundaries and innovating. It is no different for the F1 Esports Series. Chris Davis, the VP of Global Marketing and Sports Marketing at New Balance, commented on his company’s commitment to innovation:

“At New Balance, we firmly believe that our partnerships are a reflection of our values. Partnering with F1 Esports initiative exemplifies our commitment to marketing innovation and creating meaningful connections to consumers who desire premium fan experiences across the world… The contagious energy of Esports is real and we couldn’t be more excited to bring this passion to life with the Formula 1 team.”

Chris Travis, the Director of Global Partnerships at Formula 1, highlights the role New Balance plays in the performance industry:

“New Balance are the global leaders in footwear performance technology and a lifestyle brand that transcends traditional sport. We are thrilled to bring them on board as the Presenting Partner for our inaugural F1 Esports Pro Series: we share the same passion for speed and competition and the desire to reach new audiences.”

It’s exciting to see these two companies join forces to bring more esports to fans all around the world.

New Balance joins current partners DHL, Fanatec, Codemasters, and Gfinity. This mix of technology, racing, and apparel brands will ensure diverse coverage of the F1 Esports Series.

F1 Esports Series roadmap

In its second year now, the F1 Esports Series officially kicks off in October. The Draft took place in July to select the drivers for each of the esports teams. Both Mercedes and McLaren have released their team lists.

Similar to the F1 Mercedes Series, The F1 Esports Series will feature both live and offline events. Three major events will take place with multiple races at each. These will be located in London during October and November. Similar to the Formula 1 physical world championship, teams and drivers will collect points across the Series. These points will add up during the Pro Series to determine the overall Champion Driver, and Team Championship winner. The total prize pool is USD$200,000.

Currently, each of the Formula 1 World Championship teams have a corresponding esports team… all but Ferrari. Team lineups of the remaining F1 organisations are yet to be released.

Stay tuned for more updates on the F1 Esports Series.