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Niantic is releasing several major updates to Pokémon GO, including a new feature called Seasons. As the real world rotates through seasons each year, Pokémon GO will reflect it in-game in new and unique ways. Every three months Niantic will change up what Pokémon players can find, new regional forms will be discovered, and more.

Every three months Seasons will change what Pokémon players will encounter in the wild. Depending on the season, battles and encounters will be more difficult. Niantic did not provide any examples, but it is easy to see how an Alolan Vulpix would be harder to catch when it’s winter. There was no word on how it might affect raids, but it seems like seasonal bonuses would affect them as well.

Depending on which hemisphere players are in, different Pokémon can appear across seasons. In this first Season, Pokémon typically found in colder and icier environments will be more common in the northern hemisphere. Expect more Snorunts, Lapras, and others to appear more often. At the same time, players in the southern hemisphere will encounter more Burmys and Darumakas. The variety of Pokémon trainers find as a whole will also be updated.

Seasonal changes in Pokémon GO

Certain Pokémon will be changing forms too depending on the season. The Normal/Grass type Deerling and Sawsbuck will change its coloring and leafage depending on the season and the game will now reflect that. As Pokémon GO grows, seeing more of these form changes in-game will likely be more common. Niantic also revealed that future in-game events will be themed depending on the season.

With Seasons, new Mega Evolutions will be available as well. As seasons change in-game (and in real life), certain Mega-Evolutions will see an increase in total CP. These Mega-Evolved Pokémon will also have more opportunities for trainers to catch them. Niantic also said that new Mega Evolutions will be available and will rotate through each season.

Explore the world of Kalos

The first season change happens on Dec. 1, called the Season of Celebration and with it comes the Kalos region. As part of the Season of Celebration, Professor Willow is asking trainers for help in identifying all the new Pokémon from this region.  Originally featured in Pokémon X and Y, new encounters will be introduced in the wild and raids. Fan favorites Greninja, Malamar, and Sylveon will finally be available in-game.

Once the Season of Celebration ends Niantic will have a brand-new global event. Details were sparse, but given that it is seasons related expect to see new forms, Mega Evolutions, and a bunch of Pokémon from the Kalos region.

Which Pokémon are you looking forward to the most in Seasons and the Kalos region? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to follow DailyEsports for more Pokémon GO news as Seasons is just getting started.