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The new battle royale coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Warzone, seems to feature tons of interesting new aspects. While none of the current details are confirmed by Activision, the general belief is that the publisher is waiting until launch day. However, that’s currently unknown even by the main sources who originally leaked Warzone.

That said, we do have one leak that is substantiated by in-game code: Plunder. This will be the currency players use to purchase equipment in Warzone, among other things. However, there’s another element to Plunder that should get fans even more excited for Warzone.

How does Plunder work in Warzone?

Back when battle royale was originally leaked in 2019, we heard of an intriguing concept. Coming from the mode’s main source, TheGamingRevolution, this concept involved players having a 1v1 fight in Gulag Showers, the Modern Warfare Gunfight map.

Supposedly, the point of this 1v1 fight was to see which player could earn their way back into the game. The 1v1 fight would be between two players who were eliminated earlier in the match. However, there seems to be another element to this battle that allows other players to earn Plunder.


According to TheGamingRevolution, players will be able to bet on who they think will win the 1v1 battle in Gulag Showers. Those who choose correctly will earn a certain amount of Plunder, which players can then use to purchase equipment as you see below.

Image via TheGamingRevolution on Twitter.

Out of all of the leaks we’ve heard so far regarding Warzone, this is perhaps the most interesting. Nothing like this has been in Call of Duty before besides Wager Matches in Black Ops 1. However, in that game, you only bet on yourself, not other players.

That’s all of the details we have on Plunder for Call of Duty: Warzone! We’ll let you know if any more developments arise here at Daily Esports.