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Excel Esports announced their full Valorant roster and coaching staff ahead of the Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 on March 29. The first challenger event in which fans can watch the team compete will start on March 30 with the open qualifier.

Excel’s roster for VCT Stage 2

The organization has been holding onto the announcement since the signing of former G2 in-game leader David “Davidp” Prins earlier this month. The team consists of two veteran Counter Strike: Global Offensive players: Morgan “B1GGY” Madour and Vincent “Happy” Cervoni. Both have competed at major tournaments in the Valve title, with Happy earning two titles in his time with Envy and Team LDLC.

Rounding out the VCT Stage 2 roster are two younger talents Marc “Honeybee” Begley and Alend “Ale” Khalaf. Honeybee has been around the semi-professional Counter-Strike and amateur Valorant communities for a while. Ale will be making his professional debut with the roster. The coaching staff will include former Fnatic and North coach Jimmy “Jumpy” Berndtsson and Sam “Fields” Greenfield.

“When selecting the final line-up we really took our time to find players and coaches who really understood our vision. We are in this for the long term and I truly believe we have created something special,” said Kieran Holmes-Darby, Co-founder and Chief Gaming Officer of Excel in the announcement. “Our ambitions for this year are limitless and I can’t wait to start this journey and experience it alongside our players, partners and community.”

Team roles in Excel

In the announcement, the team has outlined the roles that each player will be helming once competition starts. Davidp will be the IGL and on the smoker role for the team. The Belgian previously only played Sage, but he has expanded his agent pool since his G2 exit. According to VLR.gg, Davidp has only played a handful of official matches as a primary smoker on Omen. He has also recently put time into Raze. Honeybee will take up the Sentinel role, piloting either Cypher or Killjoy and play as either a lurker or site anchor for the team. The primary Duelist role will go to the young talent Ale, with Happy as a flex. Happy has played both the Duelist role and as a Sova most recently.

Lastly, B1ggy will play a supportive role for the team. While there is no support class in the game, this role could mean that the French player will be put onto the Initator class. This means that he could play agents such as Skye, Breach or Sova depending on the map.

The squad will debut on the VCT stage tomorrow in Challengers One of Stage 2.