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Evil Geniuses have signed Complexity’s young superstar Owen “oBo” Schlatter to their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster.

Evil Geniuses recently lost Ethan “Ethan” Arnold, who transitioned from CS:GO to play professional Valorant on 100 Thieves. Now, Evil Geniuses has signed “North America’s chosen son” to their roster. OBo started playing CS:GO professionally in 2017 when he was only fourteen years old on a team called Adaption and has achieved more than many pros years older than him.

oBo spent the majority of 2018 playing in weekly online events for the FACEIT Pro League in North America. Complexity soon picked uo oBo in the summer of 2019, as he quickly became one of NA’s biggest up-and-coming superstars. He remained on Complexity until November of 2020 when he played in the FACEIT Pro League for the last time under their brand.

Since 2017, oBo has earned more than$130,000 from CS:GO, most of which came from his time on Complexity. With COVID-19 bringing the international competition to a halt, Complexity decided to move their team to Europe. 

In Europe, they were able to play against more teams than in North America and began crushing the competition. Complexity won four-straight B-Tier tournaments at the HomeSweetHome weekly series and amassed $120,000 in prize earnings. oBo then went on to help Complexity beat Team Vitality at the Spring 2020 BLAST Premier Finals and earn a tournament title.

Evil Geniuses hope to return to form with oBo

After acquiring the former NRG Esports roster, Evil Geniuses took the North American CS:GO scene by storm. After just beating Astralis at ESL One: New York 2019, they went on to win the NA Esports Championship Series and Season 8 StarSeries back-to-back. Toward the latter half of 2019, the team stumbled  before they began to pick their play back up in the middle of 2020.

Despite the tournaments now being online and confined to NA, Evil Geniuses were flexing their muscles all year. They won three-straight tournaments against MiBR at BLAST Premier NA Finals, GenG at the CS Summit and Team Liquid at ESL One: Cologne. However, these victories, too, were short-lived as they soon fell back down to the middle of the pack when online tournaments went international

After losing Ethan, Evil Geniuses needed another young talent to bring them back to glory. Now, oBo must demonstrate whether his track record with Complexity is enough to help the team succeed internationally.