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Evil Geniuses have announced a new Valorant team, which is playing soon in the VCT Open Qualifiers. The players joining this new EG team are Nolan “Temperature” Pepper, Aleksandar “aleksandar” Hinojosa, Ronan “Osias” Javelona, Claudia “Clawdia” Che and Christine “potter” Chi. After hinting at a reveal earlier Wednesday, EG announced that this new Valorant team will join the esports scene to challenge other top teams. With the tournament featuring teams such as 100Thieves, FaZe and Cloud9, the fairly popular EG is now facing off against them in Valorant. However, this new team does have a hill to climb in order to beat well-constructed teams such as those mentioned.

The new Evil Geniuses

As a very popular organization for other titles like CS:GO, EG has a reputation to live up to. This showed in their signings for their five roster spots. Starting off, you have Temperature and Aleksandar from the homegrown team Moon Raccoons. Together, they have beaten popular teams like FaZe Clan and Andbox in qualifiers as recently as October and November of last year. Regarding their mains, Temperature prefers the initiators of Sova and Skye. Aleksandar prefers the duelists of Phoenix and Reyna.

Next on the team is Osias, formerly of Mamba Mode Gaming and Mystify. Those who followed the Valorant scene last year might remember him as the Omen specialist who helped Mamba Mode Gaming win many tournament in September and October. His more recent results haven’t led to tournament wins, but his skill still remains. It’ll be exciting to see how he fits with the team EG has assembled with him.

Lastly, EG signed a duo from GX3 in the United States. Potter is very experienced from competitive time in both CS 1.6 and CS:GO. She helped lead GX3 to the finals of the FTW Summer Showdown before losing to MAJKL. Clawdia is less recently experienced in tournaments, but she was also part of GX3 alongside Potter. They have arrived to EG to prove their worth for a big name team, and will have the chance to do so soon.

This new Evil Geniuses Valorant team will be in the running in Wednesday night’s VCT Open Qualifiers. But, according to their Twitter, the matches most likely won’t be broadcast on that Wednesday night. EG will keep updates on their Twitter feed.