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Wisdom Gaming, a media and entertainment production company announced their continued partnership with Riot Games for the first season of the Wild Rift North American Series.

The 2022 Wild Rift NA Series is one of the regional leagues in the first official year of Riot mobile esports. This league will determine the teams that represent North America at the first-ever Global Championship Icons event in the summer.  The Wild Rift NA series boasts a $150,000 prize pool for the Regional Championship.

Format of the 2022 Wild Rift NA Series

The 2022 Wild Rift NA series retains the same format as the previous NA Summoner Series with three circuits running from February to April. The first circuits include an open qualifier that will start on Feb. 5. The top four teams from the open qualifier will automatically qualify for Major 1. After this event, there is another open qualifier from Feb. 12 to 13. Here, the first four teams will also qualify for Major 1. The eight teams will compete at the first major from Feb. 19 to 20 and the top four teams will automatically qualify for Major 2.

Unlike the first circuit, only two teams will qualify from each open qualifier in the second circuit. Furthermore, Major 2 will take place in March with the first two teams qualifying for the Regional Championship and the remaining top four teams will earn a spot at the third circuit.

The third circuit will also have only two teams qualify from the open qualifiers with the top four teams qualifying into the Regional Championship. The third circuit will take place from March to April. After all circuits are complete, there is a Last Chance Qualifier event with two regional spots up for grabs.

Format for Series

The winners of the LCQ will join the six teams already qualified to compete in regionals. The Wild Rift NA Regional Championship will start in April with plans for a LAN event in the works.

How to watch

The Wild Rift NA series circuits will be available for viewers on the Wisdom Gaming Twitch channel. Additionally, Wisdom Gaming will introduce a podcast series titled “Rift Reload,” and “Fight Night: Rift” to further grow the ecosystem.

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