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Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile only released a couple of weeks ago but that doesn’t mean players aren’t looking ahead. With the release of the Rytec AMR, players are seemingly ready for the newest content drop in the hit mobile title. That will only come with the arrival of Season 7, which has a firm release date window as of the time of writing.

Each COD Mobile season lasts around a month. Season 6 launched on July 29, meaning Season 7 will arrive sometime in late August or September of 2021. Of course, players are curious of whether the developers have set an actual release date or teased any content for the next installment.

COD Mobile Season 7 details

As of right now, there are no official details regarding Season 7 of COD Mobile. A likely release date for the season is Sept. 1, as it’s just over a month from Season 6’s initial release date for July 29. However, the developers could change things up and release it earlier or later than usual.

Regardless, the test server for the upcoming season should release to the public in the coming weeks. This gives players an opportunity to play the season’s coming updates and experiment with the changes the developers have implemented.

Of course, players won’t be able to test the new content that’s arriving with Season 7. That will only be revealed in the days leading up to the new COD Mobile installment. While the reveal is still a couple of weeks away, players can guess what’s coming. Like every other season, players can expect at least two multiplayer maps; one for 6v6 and one for other modes like Gunfight.

Along with the maps, two weapons will arrive with Season 7. Season 6 introduced an SMG and sniper in the MX9 and Rytec AMR, so the Season 7 weapons should feature other classes. These weapons will be unlockable on the season’s Battle Pass, which will release a day or two after Season 7 launches.

That’s all the information that the community has on Season 7 of COD Mobile. More details should surface in the coming weeks.