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The past week has been quite the whirlwind for Call of Duty; from Season 5 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War dropping, to the Call of Duty Twitter going haywire. All of it seems to be connected, though, as the Season 5 update revealed some intriguing information about COD 2021 or, as the community knows it, Vanguard.

In the Season 5 update files, leakers were able to find data-mined images of the game’s official title and artwork. As previously leaked, COD Vanguard is set in a post-WWII era. Activision confirmed that the game’s developer Sledgehammer Games is working on the project.

This article will detail the myriad of  Call of Duty leaks that have flooded social media in the past week.

Call of Duty Vanguard is in full swing

When the Season 5 update revealed the artwork for Call of Duty Vanguard, the official Twitter account had some fun with fans. This went as far as the account releasing a teaser of the reveal trailer.

The teaser calls out all of the leaks that have surfaced over the past week surrounding COD Vanguard.

The source of the leaks is mainly Call of Duty YouTuber Tom Henderson. However, other insiders have chimed in with other details or to confirm Henderson’s leaks. According to Henderson and fellow leaker @ModernWarzone, the date for a reveal trailer is rapidly approaching, as is an apparent Alpha test and beta.

That’s not all, though. Henderson also provided some further details about COD Vanguard. According to his sources, there will be an event in Warzone to reveal the game in some way. This is similar to how Black Ops Cold War was revealed last year. There’s no date for the event but it will likely take place soon.

Warzone, zombies and multiplayer

Henderson and other leakers stated that the map of Verdansk will be completely taken away with the arrival of COD Vanguard. When Vanguard and Warzone integrate, the developers will replace Verdansk with a WWII map. Also, when the new title is released, an Anti-Cheat is said to be coming to Warzone. Of course, time will tell if all this speculation will be confirmed.

Multiple leakers shared several aspects about multiplayer and zombies. Treyarch will return in Vanguard to make an all-new zombies experience for the game. There’s no word on what the experience will look like but Treyarch is “leading the mode.”

As for multiplayer, a myriad of leaks rolled in over the past couple of days. This included @Okami3_@TheMW2Ghost and @TheGhostofHope, alongside Henderson, sharing multiple facets of the mode. For starters, there will likely be 16 6v6 maps at launch, along with 4 “special” maps and maybe four Gunfight maps as well. The special maps are rumored to be like Cold War’s Fireteam: Elimination maps. However, they will feature Warzone-like elements. Henderson calls them a “mini-battle royale” experience.

At this time, not much is known about the weapons players will use on these maps. However, leakers have claimed to see WWII-style weapons in leaked footage. This includes a Molotov Cocktail, Trench shotgun and more.

The last solid leak surrounding COD Vanguard has to do with competitive play. According to Henderson, Sledgehammer Games is placing more of an emphasis on Competitive than in years past. Henderson states that there’s “a lot of support lined up for it.” There are also claims that there is a roadmap for Competitive specifically. It’s unclear what all this means, but it seems Competitive fans will be happy when COD Vanguard releases.

As of right now, that’s all of the leaks and official information about Call of Duty Vanguard. With the reveal trailer slowly approaching, though, more details should surface in the coming weeks.