Everything to know about the RiotX Arcane Event in VALORANT
VALORANT Arcane Event
The Sheriff skin featured in the new Arcane Collector's Set.

Everything to know about the RiotX Arcane Event in VALORANT

VALORANT players will have plenty of content to enjoy
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To celebrate the release of Riot Games’ animated series “Arcane,” the VALORANT developers have revealed several cosmetic rewards, a collector’s set and a special battle-pass will be available for the duration of the event.

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The RiotX Arcane Event Pass will be the main ticket for the majority of cosmetics and exclusive items inspired by the animated series, which will release in a few days. The Event Pass will be free for all players and can be leveled up through experience. The Pass will be available from Nov. 5 to Nov. 22.

There are 10 tiers of content with an Arcane Cupcake, two player cards, two sprays, three titles and 20 Radianite Points.

The RiotX Arcane-related rewards begin in the next few days. A Fishbones Gun Buddy will be available to those that watch the Global Premiere Event of Arcane on Twitch or the website on Saturday. A day later, the Arcane Poro Buddy will also be available by completing specific missions.

The loose cannon spray will be available on Nov. 14 while more details on the Arcane Jinx Card will come soon.

Arcane Collector’s Set

The rewards don’t stop there, however. The Arcane event will arrive alongside the limited edition Collector’s set, which will include a specially designed Sheriff with custom visual effects, audio effects, custom idle pose and firing animations. The Sheriff will be available in a bundle alongside a Monkey Business Gun Buddy, Tag! You’re Dead Spray, Arcane Mysteries Card and a Jinx Title.

The Sheriff is the only weapon available in the bundle, however. The purple and gold gun is similar to the color scheme of Jinx, the main protagonist of Arcane originating from fellow Riot title League of Legends.

The items will not return to the Night Market or Store after the event has concluded.

The bundle will be available from Nov. 5 to Nov. 22 for 2,380 VP.

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