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The Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) for CDL Challengers concluded over the weekend, giving us the eight teams that will compete at Champs in two weeks. The CDL stood firm on their controversial format for Challengers Champs this season, as general manager Daniel Tsay explained. While there seems to be room for change next season, 2022 will see only eight teams compete for the ultimate prize in amateur Call of Duty. Challengers Champs will take place at the same time as the professional event, which begins on Aug. 4 in Los Angeles.

Before the Last Chance Qualifiers took place for every region this past weekend, only four teams had qualified. The LCQ provided a team from all four regions another chance to make Champs. This was controversial in and of itself because the qualifier took place online; some teams, particularly in NA, felt they deserved to be at Champs but weren’t able to attend because of this specific qualifier.

Regardless, the eight teams at CDL Challengers Champs are set, and fans can see them below.

CDL Challengers Champs 2022 teams

There are teams from the four regions (NA, EU, APAC, LATAM) that will appear at Champs. Fans can see those teams and their players below.


  • Toronto Ultra Academy NA
    • Scrappy, Vikul, Hicksy, Assault
  • Iron Blood Gaming
    • Mohak, Classic, Brack, Exceed
  • Team Xposed
    • Venom, Clayster, Prestinni, Felony


  • Toronto Ultra Academy EU 
    • Beans, Furiious, Vortex, Weeman
  • Team WaR
    • Denza, Maple, WarDy, Harry
  • AYM Esports
    • JurNiii, Super, EriKBooM, Yako


  • PointBlank
    • CronusKun, Immense, Lymax, Jazhn


  • D1 Gaming
    • Traix, Zooner, Sukry, Couti

There are some definite favorites entering Champs, as the NA teams have dominated the opposition this season. Toronto Ultra Academy NA enter as the heavy favorite to win Champs, but Team Xposed consists of two COD world champions and four former pros, making them a huge threat. There’s also talent from the EU scene, as all three representatives feature former pro players.

CDL Challengers Champs should be a thrilling event, and fans can tune into the CDL Challengers YouTube channel to watch all the action.

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