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The Secrets of the Pacific is the final event taking place on Verdansk in Call of Duty: Warzone. With Warzone Pacific releasing in just a couple of weeks, the new Caldera map will take Verdansk’s place. Before the original map goes, though, players can earn some exclusive rewards by completing challenges in the new event.

There are six challenges available for players to complete in Warzone with Secrets of the Pacific. However, unlike in Vanguard, players will need to visit several different locations in Warzone if they want to earn every reward. Below, players can find where they need to go to complete every challenge in the new Warzone event.

Secrets of the Pacific locations in Warzone

This article will go through each challenge, from the first to the sixth, and list each location that’s involved with the specific challenge. Every location has an interactable piece of intel that players need to collect in order to complete the challenge and earn its reward. Once players have completed every task, they’ll also unlock the Bomber Menace blueprint for the STG44.

Below is every location in order.

1. Jailbreak Intel

For this task, players will need to go to the ground floor of Prison, which is located on the far southeastern side of the island. On the ground floor, players will see some showers and lockers. On a bench in between the lockers is where players can find the first piece of intel, which looks like a red ping-pong paddle.

2. On the Air Intel

This piece of intel is located at the Electronics Shop, which is smack dab in the middle of Train Station and the East and West Promenades, with the location being a little closer to Promenade West. Inside the Electronics Shop, players can find a microphone leaning up against a wall on the northwest side of the store. This is the intel that players need.

3. Fast Food Intel

Inside of Airport, players can find this intel at the Burger Town restaurant. The location players want is near the sitting area that faces the counter. Behind the counter, there will be a cash register that players can interact with and find another piece of intel.

4. On Your Feet Intel

The fourth piece of intel is found at Hospital. More specifically, directly next to Hospital inside of the Helipad building. On the ground floor, players can go into the operating room and find a blue first aid kit on the operating table.

5. Abandoned Intel

On the northwestern side of the island, players can go into the mines that are located to the northwest of Airport. At this location, players can go to the far western building and take the zipline down into the mines. There will be a detonator and some dynamite down there, which players need to interact with to find the intel.

6. Secrets Intel

There’s no one location for this intel, as it can be found in any one of the World War II Bunkers that are spread across Verdansk. The bunkers are located at Boneyard, Airport and Array. Players need to use the zipline at the red shipping container to get into the bunkers and then find the intel on top of a desk with battleships on it.

Once players have found all six pieces of intel, they’ve completed the Secrets of the Pacific event in Warzone.