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With under a month to go before Call of Duty: Vanguard officially launches, there’s still a ton of information the community is in the dark on. The multiplayer beta offered some details to fans, but not nearly enough to fully whet the player base’s appetite.  To try and find out more, fans have been digging into the multiplayer content for Vanguard. During this digging, some fans seemingly uncovered the entire list of Vanguard multiplayer killstreaks.

It should be noted this supposed list of killstreaks doesn’t come from traditional sources. No insider or trusted leaker has come forward with the full killstreak list themselves. Instead, some fans on Reddit have pieced together the list through the icons that were showcased in the multiplayer beta. In the beta, the icons didn’t have any names next to them but still showed a piece of what the killstreak is. From this, the fans on Reddit put together a full list of what each killstreak could be in Vanguard.

Vanguard killstreak list possibly revealed

In the multiplayer beta for Vanguard, there were a total of 19 killstreaks in the menu. However, only around half were actually listed with a name and description. The rest were merely icons, which is how the fans on Reddit pieced together their possible name and description.

Below, the full list they put together is viewable.

  • 3 Kills – Personal Radar
  • 3 Kills – Death Machine
  • 4 Kills – Care Package
  • 4 Kills – Counter Spy Plane
  • 4 Kills – Spy Plane
  • 5 Kills – Glide Bomb
  • 5 Kills – Attack Dog
  • 5 Kills – Mortar Barrage
  • 6 Kills – Fighter Pilot
  • 6 Kills – War Machine
  • 7 Kills – Some type of Fighter Pilot
  • 8 Kills – Emergency Airdrop
  • 9 Kills – Flamenaut
  • 10 Kills – Carpet Bomb
  • 10 Kills – Attack Dogs
  • 11 Kills – Air Superiority
  • 12 Kills – Ball Turret Gunner
  • 12 Kills – Advanced Spy Plane
  • 14 Kills – V1 Rocket

There are some discrepancies in the list, with the Fighter Pilot showing up more than once and the Carpet Bomb being up for debate. However, the majority of the list appears to be solid. The icons match up with their supposed name based on previous titles or common knowledge. For example, it seems Sledgehammer Games is using some of the icons they used for their previous title, WWII.

While there might be some changes to this list, mainly with the names of streaks, it seems likely this will be close to the full list of killstreaks in Vanguard. Of course, players will have to wait until Nov. 5 to find out for themselves.