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The most important event to date for the Oceania Teamfight Tactics scene has come and gone. The Oceania Mid-Set Invitational is now over and the 16 players going to the regional finals have been decided.

The MSI event started with a field of 64 of the best players from across the Oceania region. Half of them from ranked ladder snapshots, the other half were from open qualifiers. Through four days and two weekends, the field of 64 slowly whittled down until only 24 players remained. But on the final day only 16 of the 24 remaining would move onto the regional finals. Since the regional finals is the event that will decide the Oceania representative at the TFT Reckoning World Championship later this year, the MSI event was many players last tournament of the season. Some of the most notable names in the scene moved on but some of them had their season ended.

Razza and Keane eliminated early at TFT Oceania Regional Finals

The first two days of the event were brutal for some of the fan favorites. On Day 2 in particular, two of the strongest players in the region were eliminated. the Oceania TFT Fates Champion “Razza” bowed out with a poor Day 2 performance. The Oceania Fates Championship representative couldn’t get anything going Day 2 after a strong Day 1. Heading into the second day, Razza was 4th overall in points. At the end of Day 2 he ended 39th which wasn’t good enough for the top 32 cut off.

Another surprising result came from TSM’s Jang “Keane” Lae-young. The popular streamer also failed to make it into the second weekend. Like Razza, Keane struggled on Day 2 of the event. Tragically, Keane missed out on top 32 by a single point. Unlike Razza, Keane didn’t have a fantastic Day 1 as he scraped by in 31st place. At the end of Day 2 he didn’t drop many spots. But with a top 32 cut off, Keane’s 35th place performance means his TFT Reckoning season is over.

Oubo and Escha move on

Day 3 was rather uneventful, but as the field was cut to just 24 players, Day 4 set up an exciting finish. With two fan favorites eliminated, two others stepped up. TFT Galaxies Championship representative, Oubo showed that he can still play TFT at an elite level. He didn’t dominate in any particular day of the four-day competition, but he was never in any real danger of elimination. Oubo finished the event 10th place which is good enough to give him a shot at becoming Oceania’s first two-time worlds competitor.

The other big name moving onto the Oceania Regional Finals is Dennis “Escha” Yoon. The entertaining Twitch streamer made for good content on the final day of the MSI event as he finished in exactly 16th place to become the final player invited to the Oceania Regional Finals. For a majority of the competition, Escha dangerously hung around the elimination point. But he found a way to move on at every single stage. The final elimination dodge was the closest as a single point meant the difference of moving onto regionals or his season ending.

The top 16 players will move onto the Regional Finals where they will compete for a cash prize and a spot at the TFT Reckoning Championships in October. The TFT Reckoning Championship marks the first ever live in person TFT World Championship and will be held in China. No details have been made available for this years prize pool. Stay tuned to Upcomer for details as they become available.