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Like many other modern games, Escape from Tarkov has taken advantage of a promotional codes system. These codes aren’t too plentiful and they don’t stay active for too long. However, if players stay up to date with the codes, they can use them to earn some sweet rewards in Escape from Tarkov.

The rewards can range from discounts to refunds to free gear, such as weapons, armor, and more. Essentially, the developers at Battlestate Games are rewarding players who know about the codes and actively play the game. The codes can also derive from TarkovTV and avid viewers can spot codes during episodes of the show.

Promo codes tend to expire each month, though, so you’ll need to use the active codes in the current month quickly. Below, you’ll see a list of all of the active promo codes currently working in Escape from Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov promo codes

Escape from Tarkov
Provided by Battlestate Games
  • 1CLICKDRESSUP – Free rewards 
  • TRAMBON – Free rewards 
  • BARMALEY – Free rewards 
  • S00NS00N – Free rewards 
  • PINEWOOD – Free rewards 
  • Kazam – Get a full refund on a purchase
  • 20902FN362 – 30% discount
  • XOKENNEDY – Free rewards
  • UZZFEED – 10% discount
  • 2008NMAP4STU – Free rewards
  • 8A6E2D3A – Get 10% off your first order
  • SAVE 15% OFF – Get 15% off when you spend more than $70
  • 23% OFF – 23% discount
  • 20% CASHBACK – Get 20% cash back
  • 25% OFF – Get a 25% discount on preorders
  • NOVABABE5-ZHGQSU – Get a 30% discount
  • NOVABABE5-SD62JR – Get a 30% discount
  • SEMI40 – Get 30% off purchases above $70
  • pcnK2s – Get 30% off purchases above $75
  • WORK30 – Get a 30% discount
As you can see, most of the active promo codes are tied to either discounts or refunds. However, there are some codes that offer free rewards. What those rewards are isn’t specific, so you’ll have to enter the code and see what exactly you will be receiving.
As we previously mentioned, these codes won’t last too long, so make sure to use them before they become expired. You can check back on this page to see if the active codes have been updated. This usually happens monthly, but definitely occurs when an episode of TarkovTV has been released.