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Gabriel “Epic_Gabriel” Romero won Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles at Mazer Gaming Gives Back on May 15. Amazingly, he made it all the way to Grand Finals on winners side before he dropped a single game.

Epic_Gabriel swept through pools, defeating Jalen “Bimbus” Gill, Hanad “Cactus” Jama, Oscar “OO7” Ortiz Pastrana, and John “Action John” Macone. In top 64, Epic_Gabriel scored more impressive victories without faltering. He won sets over Christopher “Chrininja” Lawrence, “SandwichInMyCloset,” and Edgar “Sparg0” Valdez to earn himself a spot in top 8.

After running through the Georgia duo of Carrington “Wrath” Osborne and Kolawole “Kola” Aideyan, Epic_Gabriel reached Grand Finals. There, he lost his first games of the tournaments, losing 1-3 to “Sonix” in the first set of Grands. However, Epic_Gabriel responded with a 3-1 victory in set two to win Mazer Gaming Gives Back.

Mazer Gaming Gives Back marked Epic_Gabriel’s first online tournament victory since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Coincidentally, his second tournament victory came later the same day at Ultimate Naifu Wars #11. Epic_Gabriel beat Eric “Mr. E” Weber, Eric “Pandarian” Lund, Noah “Sharp” M., Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez Perez, and Angel “tAngelt” Nunez.

Other results from Mazer Gaming Gives Back

Dominican Sonic main Sonix has had a harder time entering tournaments recently, with some banning Sonic and others region locking. However, when given the opportunity to compete, Sonix has made the best of it. He placed 2nd at Mazer Gaming Gives Back. In the process, Sonix beat Mario “WaKa” Cervantes, Enrique “Maister” Hernández Solís, Alexis “Goblin” Stennett, Kola, and Epic_Gabriel.

Kola previously claimed he would retire from online Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments after the Quarantine Series May Major. Yet less than two weeks later, he returned with a stellar 3rd place finish at Mazer Gaming Gives Back. Along the way, Kola defeated Sebastian “UR2SLOW” SanFilippo, Oscar “Ang” Anguiano, “Underdoc,” and Sonix.

Two relatively little-known players made unexpected runs to 7th place at this event. Ike main Ricardo “Bestia” Martínez beat Saleem “Salem” Young, Dominique “Hareta” Frenk, Spencer “BestNess” Garner, and Ang. In addition, Dr. Mario main Underdoc beat Christian “Peabnut” Londono, Aaron “BouiKazwow” Prasad, Abi “Wasabi” Amarnath, “ZeroTwoNone,” and BestNess.