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The scarfed streamer known as BobbyPoff has a new home with Envy Gaming. The organization announced the signing of the popular Call of Duty: Warzone streamer earlier today, continuing their recent string of content creator signings.

BobbyPoff is most well-known for his prowess in the battle royale genre. He first made his mark on the scene in Blackout, Black Ops four’s take on battle royale. Since then, he’s expanded his reach to the Warzone community and acquired hundreds of thousands of followers.

This marks Envy Gaming’s second content creator signing in the last few months. They also signed the chess community’s Botez sisters in December.

BobbyPoff joins Envy Gaming as a content creator

The scene forming around Warzone is quite unique. Esports organizations have signed players to be both competitors and creators; an example being how 100 Thieves signed Rhys “Rated” Price. It appears that Envy Gaming is joining in on the trend, as BobbyPoff becomes their first Warzone signing.

While Bobby will continue to stream on Twitch, he will also compete under Envy in any upcoming tournaments. The streamer is a multiple-time tournament winner and currently in the top 20 for Warzone earnings.

However, aside from streaming and competing, Bobby and Envy will also produce a video series to show a behind-the-scenes look at the streamer’s life. This is accompanied by a short animated video that Envy put together for the signing announcement.

Envy Gaming is clearly excited to have BobbyPoff on board as a content creator. Envy’s Chief Content Officer, Andrew Peterman, stated that “Bobby brings a championship mentality and a competitive spirit to content creation and Call of Duty.”

In the future, fans can look out for private Warzone lobbies and events hosted by BobbyPoff and Envy. The events will carry prize pools for fans only.