Elgato Stream Deck Store contains royalty-free music and more
Elgato Stream Deck Store
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Elgato’s new Stream Deck software features a free storefront

The new Stream Deck 5.0 App features plugins, royalty free music and more
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Elgato has launched the next version of its Stream Deck application: Stream Deck 5.0. This latest major app update comes with a host of new features and for the first time, the Elgato Stream Deck Store. The store is an online platform for plugins, icon packs, tutorial videos and pro tips. It even contains thousands of royalty free music and sound effects. With Twitch and many other streaming platforms targeting copyright material, the Stream Deck Store could be a game changer for streamers.

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Elgato Stream Deck 5.0

The Elgato Stream Deck 5.0 features some major changes. The biggest being the introduction of the Stream Deck Store. Similar to other stores like Google Play or the App Store, the Stream Deck store is an online distribution platform.

The online store allows developers to build plugins for Elgato and provide them for users. Later in the year, a portal will be made available for third party developers to submit their plugins to the store. Currently, authorised developers can create and share custom links to promote their products. As a user, this means there are hundreds of new features to check out. There’s already a load of new plugins there, including a voice changer, Spotify integration, Nanoleaf controller, stopwatch, YouTube channel analytics, games, VLC controller and heaps more.

Probably the biggest game changer for streamers is the music and sound effects gallery. There are thousands of music themes and various sound effects from air horns to applauses and more. All the music and sound effects on the store are royalty free, meaning streamers and content creators are safe from DMCA flags and copyright strikes.

The Elgato Stream Deck software is free itself too. If you have existing Elgato products or software you can now update to the latest version.

Updating to the latest software

If you have an existing Elgato Stream Deck, it’s very easy to update your software:

  1. Open Elgato “Stream Deck”
  2. Click the settings cog in top right near your stream deck’s name
  3. A “Preferences” window will be shown. Here it will tell you your latest software version
  4. Click “Check for Updates…”
  5. Click “Install Update”
  6. Wait for the update to download and follow the prompts
  7. Once you’ve upgraded you’ll notice there’s a new button next to the settings cog. This is the Stream Deck Store.

Elgato Stream Deck Store

The Stream Deck Store is pretty easy to use and navigate. There are four main categories on the Stream Deck Store:

  • Plugins
  • Icons
  • Music
  • Sound Effects.

Choose the products that work well for you and you can play around with various plugins. You can install or uninstall packs at any time. Don’t forget, you can have multiple stream decks set up for full control. Or, you can use folders to manage a smaller stream deck.

Elgato Stream Deck Store

There’s no word yet on whether products on the Elgato Stream Deck Store will be monetised in future, but for now, it’s all free.

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