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The ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational will begin tomorrow, bringing 22 of the world’s greatest Street Fighter V players, along with two rising challengers selected from the “ELEAGUE: The Challenger” series, to compete for $250,000 in prize money. But the event is adding something special to the proceedings which viewers may find interesting. In collaboration with Dell Gaming, ELEAGUE will be incorporating state of the art eye-tracking technology to allow fans true insight into how these top players view the game.

Here is how the technology works per ELEAGUE’s official press release:

“Micro projectors and sensors supplied by Tobii Group will track each player’s eye movements and use the data to create a visual of where the competitors look throughout a given match (see the image below). The overlay will be shown during special Dell “Getting Technical” studio analysis segments. ELEAGUE’s commentary team can use the enhanced highlights to offer fans a more detailed understanding of how the world’s best Street Fighter players gain match-deciding advantages during pivotal in-game moments.

Per Robert Occhialini, Vice President of esports Products and Technology at Turner Sports, “As esports continue to grow, technology presents unique opportunities for fans to have a window into the decision making of these highly skilled pro players. Like in traditional sports, these esports stars have distinct abilities that we can now show as part of ELEAGUE’s live event coverage, and we are excited to offer viewers an unprecedented level of access to live fighting game competition through our partnership with Dell.”

Advancing esports events

This isn’t the only innovation ELEAGUE has brought to its events. They have also brought eye-tracking, advanced analytics and virtual reality for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coverage, the ELEAGUE LIVE Game command mosaic video player, which gives viewers ultimate control over how they consume ELEAGUE’s live CS:GO coverage, and fully-produced live event studio coverage that is tailored for Twitch distribution, all while coinciding with TBS coverage , including a standalone set and commentators dedicated to streaming audiences. It is clear that ELEAGUE and TBS are committed to advancing their esports events.

This isn’t the first time eye tracking tech has been brought into the esports conversation, however. Check out this video from Alienware where you can see Leauge of Legends pros using similar technology to analyze their game, as well as a more general discussion on the physiology of professional gaming.

This new technology will bring a fresh and interesting perspective to spectators and fellow competitors in the esports scene that can be incorporated into all types of games, not just fighting games and MOBAs.

The ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational will start tomorrow, June 1st, at 3 pm on Twitch, and featured matches will air every Friday on TBS 11 pm ET/PT, and will last for five weeks until a champion is crowned.