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It’s a big news week for EGLX. They just recently released their EGLX 2019 dates for the fall. Enthusiast Gaming has also announced a new series in the works. EGLX Rising Stars will be an esports tournament and entertainment series. It will utilize its online network of 50 million YouTube visitors, 75 million website visitors, and the over 50,000 live attendees at EGLX. The tournament starts this summer and rages on until the grand finals at EGLX itself on Oct. 18 – 20. Taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in downtown Toronto, EGLX 2019 will be livestreamed. It will also release videos in episodic format after the finals conclude.

EGLX Rising Stars will reach its climax at the massively popular EGLX 2019.

EGLX Rising Stars brings new blood

This original series is focused on discovering new and upcoming talent in esports, and it will document their journeys both professionally and personally. Rising Stars aims to capture potential new champions as they compete for fame and fortune in esports. With over 400 big video game influencers and some seriously top-notch talent leading the teams, the stakes are high, and so is the entertainment potential. The show captures esports professionals and “Rising Stars” alike in what promises to be an episodic video game sports saga. Fans can enjoy EGLX Rising Stars either in the audience at EGLX or via livestreams as the events unfold. If fans are busy, don’t fret — the content is also on Enthusiast Gaming’s actual online network.

Rising Stars follows potentially hot new talent as they’re guided by the pros on their journey to victory — or certain defeat.

Thinking outside the box

The idea of Rising Stars is a unique one to esports. Esports events are traditionally limited to streaming the live competitive gaming with commentary. However, one might say Rising Stars follows in the footsteps of UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter in the sense that it will showcase the entire journey instead. Featuring thrilling live and online media, the series will include player storylines, narrative, and special behind-the-scenes footage of influencers. This promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime esports experience, one that hasn’t quite been seen in the industry to date. The show will offer content throughout the year as well, not just during the events.

The series will offer an original behind-the-scenes look at esports, its competitors, and their struggles.

Enthusiast CEO Menashe Kestenbaum stated:

Our vision has always been to provide a home and community to dedicated lifestyle gamers. Until now we’ve done that separately through our online communities as well as our live events. We have now made our first major step towards bringing our online and offline communities together in an integrated, strategic relationship. With 2019 now projected to be the first billion-dollar year for Esports and attract brands across all industries, EGLX Rising Stars will provide another platform for Brands targeting the Esports Industry.

EGLX Rising Stars looks to be promising content for any esports enthusiast. It’s possible the format will change the esports game regarding media coverage. This change unlocks new potential for different episodic gaming avenues in the years to come. It’s like a reality show, but tolerable!

Will you check out Rising Stars when it hits? Kindly let us know.

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