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Echo secured their spot in the World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon International Global Finals this past weekend, by taking the Cup 4 tournament crown.

Scheduled to occur in April, Echo will now compete in the Global Finals against five other qualified teams, along with China’s top two teams. The Mythic Dungeon International Global Champion title will also be on the line, alongside a share of the $300,000 USD prize pool. 

The World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon International schedule. Image provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

Echo’s hard-fought victory began with a match against Sloth, where they were able to achieve a score of 2-0. This put Echo into the upper bracket for the quarter-finals. However, PI ME was able to defeat them in the next two games. 

Pushed into the elimination bracket as a result, Echo had to win a series of matches for a chance in the finals. They were able to meet those conditions though, with two wins over Obey Alliance on the second day of the event. However, this also meant that they had to duke it out against the Golden Guardians

Similar to Echo, the Golden Guardians started out strong with a win over Obey Alliance. However, they were put in the lower bracket after losing to Perplexed 2-0. The loss pushed the Golden Guardians into the elimination bracket, where they clashed against Sloth and won 2-0.

This meant the upper bracket was secured for both PI ME and Perplexed for their semi-final matches. Meanwhile, Echo and the Golden Guardians had to fight hard for a spot in the finals. Echo came out on top there, with a score of 2-0.

A winning streak

Three games against Perplexed followed, where Echo eventually won 2-1. This series of wins continued when they faced PI ME in the final round, and won the tournament by going 2-0 and bringing home the gold. 

Echo in the final game of Cup 4. Image provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

Echo now have approximately a month to prepare for the Mythic Dungeon International Global Finals, which are scheduled to take place between April 23 and 25. 

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