Ec1s on what happened with 100 Thieves and what's next for him
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Ec1s on what happened with 100 Thieves and what’s next for him

ec1s hopes to find a team that wants a long term project

Former 100 Thieves in-game leader Adam “ec1s” Eccles talked about what led to his sudden removal from the team and what is next for him in VALORANT during the latest episode of Showstopper.

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Following a 13-0 loss to The Guard, 100 Thieves released their most recent acquisitions in ec1s and Hunter “BabyJ” Schline. The decision was made the morning after the loss, according to ec1s who said the announcement went up a few hours after he was told he would be leaving the team.

“I woke up to a message in the group chat by Jacob [Toft-Andersen, VP of Esports at 100 Thieves] that says, ‘I’m going to send everyone time for an individual meeting today,” ec1s said. “At that point, I’ve been here before, it happened to me in Liquid. When you have an individual meeting after a rough loss, it’s not good. At that point, I was like okay, I might be gone here.”

100 Thieves CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag released a video after the players were released from the team, attempting to give more light to what was going on with the VALORANT team. In the video he explains that the decision to remove them from the team was not a performance-based one. Ec1s said that he both agreed and disagreed with that statement. He said he thought both played equal parts.

“I think the result had a big effect, but I think for the team dynamic there was definitely different minds,” ec1s said. “But that’s obvious because we’ve all come from different teams, we’ve all come from different ways of thinking, different playstyles so there it wasn’t like an instant ‘okay everyone’s on the same page.’”

Ec1s is open to playing in EU and NA

As someone who came from the Europe, Middle East and Africa region to play in North America, ec1s said he is open to the idea of playing with NA teams. He explained during the episode that 100 Thieves is allowing him to trail for teams and stream from the Cash App Compound until his contract is terminated. By playing from Los Angeles ec1s can get trials in with teams from the region on good ping and the same time zones.

“I would be open to NA teams,” said ec1s. “I have some trials, I still think I’ve got a lot to offer. The 100 Thieves thing like some people said sometimes it just doesn’t work. Different of opinions, people clash in the server, sometimes it just doesn’t work.”

Ec1s went on to say that he would play for either region and that all he wants right now is a team to play on. Ideally, he said, his future team would become a long-term project where the team sticks together and has a chance to build for results.

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