Earn exclusive rewards by watching Overwatch League Grand Finals
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Earn exclusive rewards by watching Overwatch League Grand Finals

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The 2019 Overwatch League Grand Finals will be taking place this weekend on Sept 29. This will mark the end of OWL Season 2 and will showcase the Vancouver Titans against the San Francisco Shock. The competition will take place at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia and feature a $1.7 million USD prize pool. Fans that tune into the action online can earn exclusive in-game rewards for their participation.

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Overwatch League in-game rewards

The Overwatch League has released details on the exact rewards that can be earned. Rather than cosmetics being issued at random like other games, viewership events in Overwatch instead depend on watch time. By watching one hour of the Grand Finals gameplay live, a viewer will receive the ‘Tailgate’ spray. This features miniature versions of Soldier: 76, Mercy, Mei, and Lucio enjoying a barbeque on the back of the payload vehicle.

Two hours of watch time will earn fans the ‘Grand Finals 2019’ player icon. This limited icon highlights the Overwatch League championship trophy with a bridge in the background. The final tier is three total hours, where one will receive the ‘Watching Ball’ spray. Tracer, Wrecking Ball, and D.Va hang out while sitting on the quadrupedal robot mecha.

In addition to these rewards, double League Tokens will drop during the Grand Finals. The double multiplier only applies to single token drops, which means 100 token drops will still be enabled, but not doubled. This will allow players to save up and purchase the Overwatch League MVP Zarya skin for Jay “sinatraa” Won.

Watching the Grand Finals

Fans can catch all of the Overwatch League Grand Finals action and earn these limited rewards by watching on 5 platforms. This includes Twitch, OverwatchLeague.com, the Overwatch League application, Battle.net, and the Overwatch game client. To earn rewards with the last four, one can simply log in to their Blizzard account and view a live stream during the promotion.

To earn rewards on Twitch, one must link their Twitch account to their Blizzard Battle.net account. Fans can also participate in League Picks to earn extra League Tokens by predicting the outcomes of Overwatch League matches. If busy, members of the community claim that one can also leave the stream on while away from the keyboard and still earn rewards.

Are you excited to see the Vancouver Titans versus the San Francisco Shock? Who do you think will emerge victorious and bring home the championship trophy? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to tune in this weekend!

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