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Since the introduction of competitive play in FIFA, casual players have wanted to expand their skill set to compete with the best. In recent years, FUT Champions has been the way to do that; you can compete against the best of the best to become better. However, players who are already making a living from playing FIFA professionally were not happy with the way that the competitions are structured. In a new article, EA has revealed some changes that are coming to the FIFA 19 Global Series.

EA teased some changes in a recent Pitch Notes article about FUT Champions changes. In the new article, EA also mentions that there will be more news regarding the schedule and other specifics to do with the FIFA 19 Global Series, so stay tuned for that.

Previously in competitive FIFA

In this new article, EA gives the reader an overview of the previous years in competitive FIFA. They clearly want to change the format, as they’ve started to become more transparent with their community. In FIFA 17 and FIFA 18, players were given specific qualification months to qualify for the Global Series events. This meant that the pressure was on for players who need to compete for money to make a living.

As well, EA talks about some mistakes that they made towards the end of the FIFA 18 season with some experimental qualification methods. These were not taken well by the professional community, EA said:

For the FIFA 18 Global Series, we wanted to experiment with the Last Chance FUT Champions Qualifying Weekend to shorten the qualification window and fill in some of the remaining seats for the Playoffs. While that weekend was filled with passion and drama, it ended up accounting for more seats in the Playoffs than intended because of the overall event structure for the year. Based on community feedback emphasizing that the seats should have gone to competitors who placed well at live events, we want to remove direct seat qualifications and create a system that rewards overall performance throughout the season.

Along with this, EA still thinks that FUT Champions is a good “proving ground” for the best FIFA players. So, they are making some changes to qualification for the FIFA 19 season.


Qualification will require players to go through a short process of registering to become a competitor in the new season. To register, you need to do the following:

  1. Register at FUTChampions.com by Oct. 31, 2018.
  2. Play in Weekend League and win at least 27 out of 30 games to become “FUT Champions Verified.”
  3. Verified competitors may be invited to play in online qualification competitions, where they will compete head to head against other Verified members.
  4. Players will earn points throughout the Global Series season to get a place on the leaderboards.
  5. Competitors who place in the top 60 on the leaderboard will qualify for the playoffs.

Players must register between Oct. 5 and Oct. 31 to be eligible for competition.

FUT Champions Verified

To become eligible for live events and head-to-head playoffs, players must become FUT Champions Verified. The process to do this was described in step 2 of qualifications above. Once a player is verified, they do not have to worry about getting a certain amount of wins in FUT Champions for the rest of the season. This is great as it takes off a lot of pressure after a player has already secured the 27 wins. They can then focus on practice and future competitions instead of grinding out 27 wins online.

Head-to-head qualification

As mentioned previously, players that are verified may be invited to online head-to-head qualifiers. These will take place on select weekends to determine who will go to the live events. Also, there will be a cut-off date for players to be verified before they can compete in certain competitions:

These tournaments will utilize a combination of Swiss and Single Elimination formats to determine live event qualification. This means that only organized head-to-head tournaments among the top FUT Champions players in the world will determine qualification for live events, rather than skill points on a leaderboard. To be the best, you will have to beat the best.


While players will not have to worry about playing FUT Champions after they have their 27 wins, points will be rewarded for players who continue to play FUT Champions. They say that players will receive points by winning between 20 and 27 games in a FUT Champions competition. This will make FUT Champions a mandatory event for each professional, as playing in this competition will surely help them climb the Global Series leaderboard. Players will also earn points based on their Live event performances.

What do you think of the new competitive structure for the FIFA 19 Global Series? We’d love to hear from you. Also, if you enjoyed this article, feel free to check out our other FIFA coverage.