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The first Australian Red Bull Flick tournament has ended after a nail-biting grand final. “Dynamic Du-Woah” defeated “Deadweight” to claim victory. Over 620 players took part in the CS:GO competition featuring a new game mode called Hold The Flag.

Red Bull Flick Grand Final

The Red Bull Flick competition ran over two weeks with lots of amateur and professional players. Teams of two competed in Hold The Flag. The dynamic duo of Benson “Liki” Niuila and Daniel “Rekonz” Mort are the winners of the first Australian Red Bull Flick competition. They defeated the team “Deadweight,” a duo of amateur players.

Check out a couple of the highlights:

Dynamic Du-Woah on the road to victory

The semi-professional players Dynamic Du-Woah defeated 311 pairs on their way to the finals. The final game saw five rounds on each of the new maps. Players had to hold their flagged position for 60 seconds.

Red Bull Flick’s grand final game came to the wire. Dynamic Du-Woah were able to secure the win against Deadweight in the closing seconds of the fifth map. It was a strong push from Liki, which held the flag during the last milliseconds on the Himalaya map.

For their victory, they claim not only bragging rights but a few other neat things too. Each player received a custom-built PC valued at $3,000 AUD. Both players and organizers were very happy with the success of the first Red Bull Flick competition.

Flick competition extended?

As Red Bull previously hinted, it seems we might see more from this competition. There’s already been a competition in Turkey, and we’re sure to see more. Fans from Australia and around the world loved the CS:GO action from the tournament. And it wasn’t just the finals either. Two weeks of high-quality competition as well as a host of streamers and esports personalities playing CS:GO was a real treat for many viewers.

Red Bull ESL have hinted at the competition being played in future years as well as other locations. Stay tuned for more info. In the meantime, if you missed the finals, you can catch the replay on the Red Bull Twitch channel, but only for a limited time.