DrDisrespect speaks for the first time since his permanent Twitch ban
DrDisrespect Twitch streamer ban

DrDisrespect speaks for the first time since his permanent Twitch ban

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After over a day of waiting and guessing, there is still no official news on why Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm was permanently banned from Twitch. The streaming platform hasn’t said a word about the issue, and up until last night, neither had DrDisrespect. However, the popular streamer finally sent out a short tweet. This is his first statement since the ban came forth, but it doesn’t shed any light on the reasoning behind it. If anything, the statement from Doc simply raises more questions than we previously had.

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DrDisrespect responds to Twitch ban

In the past couple days or so, a few insiders have reported they know the reasoning behind Doc’s ban. Rod “Slasher” Breslau, the insider who first broke the story, is remaining quiet even though he seems to know why Twitch banned one of its star streamers.

Presumably, these sources Slasher has are extremely close to the Twitch staff and not DrDisrespect himself. Why? Because it seems that not even the streamer in question knows of the reasoning behind his permanent ban. Here’s what Doc had to say on Twitter late tonight.

While it seems that DrDisrespect knows of the general reasoning behind the ban, he’s claiming Twitch has yet to tell him exactly why he was banned. Generally, if you’ve been suspended from the platform, you’ll receive an email stating why actions were taken against you. However, in this case, no such email has been sent according to DrDisrespect.

This is truly a story for the books, as one of the faces of Twitch is being shut out by his own platform. We’re not sure when any official statement will come from Twitch or DrDisrespect. Though, if insiders in the industry know the story behind the ban, something must be coming soon. Presumably, no one has spoken out yet because the issue at hand is sensitive to one or more parties.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any developments to this story here at Daily Esports.

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