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Gaming powerhouse Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV has gotten roasted by fellow streamers for a lackluster Valorant showing. Since the start of the game’s closed beta on April 7, fans, pros, and streamers have eagerly jumped into the servers. What’s more, now that ranked has rolled out, gamers are putting their skills to the test.

However, on May 21, Dr Disrespect amped up the banter between himself and popular creator Timothy “TimTheTatMan” John Betar. The two streamers made a bet as to who would finish with the higher rank after completing their Valorant placements. The loser would gift the victor a whopping 100 subs on Twitch.

To the victor go the spoils

Dr Disrespect Valorant
Dr Disrespect places Bronze 3 in Valorant.

After all was said and done, Dr Disrespect earned himself a humble Bronze 3 ranking. On the other hand, TimTheTatMan found himself two ranks higher in Silver 2. Considering that Bronze is the second-lowest tier (just above Iron), his rank could have been worse. However, the self-proclaimed gaming god definitely expected more from himself. In response, Mixer superstars Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Michael “shroud” Grzesiek poked fun at the PUBG savant. Shroud joked at Dr Disrespect by tagging him in a simple tweet that spelled out the word “BRONZE.”

Likewise, Fortnite giant Ninja jabbed at Doc with some (probably?) friendly banter as well.

After seeing the jokes made about him on social media, Doc’s ego was left sore. He swiftly unfollowed both Ninja and shroud on Twitter. Shroud has since insisted Dr Disrespect follow him back as he was only joking around.

At the end of the day, the whole situation was all in good fun. Of course, Dr Disrespect, a man of his word, held up his end of the bargain and gifted TimTheTatMan 100 subs. However, the champion swiftly uninstalled Valorant. Currently, Doc has yet to reinstall the game. Perhaps after time passes, Dr Disrespect will give Valorant another try.

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