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After a bit of a pause in the Overwatch League, Paris is revealing six players off their roster. The Paris Eternal have signed Norwegian DPS player Stefan “Onigod” Fiskerstrand and Danish DPS player Nikolai “Naga” Dereli. Both of these players have a lot of time in competitive Overwatch and will see time playing for the Paris Eternal next season. Paris’ support players and tank players will come in separate articles, with an overall opinion on everyone in the final post. But, starting with these two players, a mix of experience and skill is exactly what Paris needed.

Onigod’s history

Starting with Onigod, he was and is one of the best European hitscan players. Formerly of European contenders team Angry Titans, that is where he grew his skills. After getting to the finals and losing two times in a row, he finally won in mid-2019. After a showing at the Atlantic Showdown, he moved to North American contenders. Then, after a short time on Third Impact, he won contenders again playing for Team Doge. Dallas clearly saw his skill and picked him up mid-season earlier this year. Despite some great performances, he never worked with the team as they again finished disappointingly.

Naga’s history

While not as victorious as Onigod’s, Naga’s competitive history is just as experienced. Starting in European contenders for Copenhagen Flames, his best finish with them was a quarterfinal elimination. However, moving to North America led to a great semi-final finish with Toronto Defiant academy team Montreal Rebellion. After the team disbanded, he moved between European and American contenders. He eventually ended up on European team Obey Alliance, in which he had his best finishes. After a finals loss in October, he led them to finals win in November against powerhouse British Hurricane. It seems the Paris saw another European DPS talent like Onigod and wanted them to come home, so to speak.

Naga joins the Paris Eternal.

When it comes to how these players fit on the new Paris roster, there is more to talk about. Despite their starts in recent seasons, Paris always turns out to surprise fans. With six players on their roster now announced, the healers are next.