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On Tuesday of this week, players were able to pre-download the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta on Xbox and PC. These platforms will receive access to the beta for the first time on Thursday after PlayStation users had access this past weekend. During this pre-download phase, some Xbox players were able to access the Local Multiplayer menu of MW2, meaning they could play a private match against bots. These players were able to see some content that they weren’t able to view on PlayStation. This included a look at the possible Call of Duty League competitive game modes. While nothing was confirmed, the mode “CDL Domination” popped up in the competitive settings of the private match in MW2.

If you ask most CDL fans, they’ll say that they don’t want to see Domination as a competitive mode. It was the third game mode in the CDL during the 2020 Modern Warfare season, and it was not received well. Pros and viewers alike didn’t enjoy the mode, which forced developers to switch to Control for the third game mode in the past two seasons.

While nothing is confirmed by the CDL, the fact that CDL Domination is currently in MW2 certainly caused an uproar in the community. However, it seems that fans don’t have to worry about seeing Domination as a competitive mode again. Daniel Tsay, the general manager for the CDL, put any rumors of Domination’s return to bed Wednesday on Twitter.

Tsay simply responded “sike” to a fan who asked if Domination was really going to be in the CDL again. Essentially, Tsay is saying that Domination won’t be the third game mode.

The most likely reason for CDL Domination appearing in the MW2 beta is that it’s simply a leftover placeholder asset from MW2019. It’s unclear what the third competitive mode could be for the 2023 season, but most fans have guessed Capture the Flag since the mode has been confirmed to be returning to multiplayer. We’ll likely hear more about the official CDL rules for 2023 closer to MW2’s launch on Oct. 28.

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