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The Hearthstone Esports Twitter account recently reported that David “Dog” Caero will be stepping down from Hearthstone Grandmasters ahead of season 2. This doesn’t come entirely as a surprise as he has voiced his concerns about the Hearthstone Grandmasters over the past months. The grandmasters aren’t allowed to stream during the broadcasts of their region’s games. The lack of viewers for the Hearthstone Grandmasters events is a concern to many. This combined with the restrictions on Dog’s schedule are the likely reasons for him to step down.

Gallon to replace Dog as Hearthstone Grandmaster

Edward “Gallon” Goodwin will be replacing Dog as a Hearthstone Grandmaster for season 2 of the league. Gallon was the runner-up at the first Masters tour event in Las Vegas back in June, where he notably lost to Dog. The decision to add Gallon to Hearthstone Grandmasters was based on rule 6.2B. The rule states that if a region has less than 16 participants, at the end of a season, the vacant spots will be offered to the players who earned the highest cash prizes of the year. As there was only one opportunity to earn money in a Hearthstone tournament this year — at Las Vegas — it leaves Gallon as the main candidate. Gallon earned $50,366 with his second place in Las Vegas.

Gallon is a great candidate to fill the spot as Grandmaster. In last year’s HCT circuit he managed to earn 110 HCT points. This puts him at a tied 14th place with SwaggyG in the American HCT standings. Gallon will be making his first appearance in Hearthstone Grandmasters on Aug. 23, when season 2 officially starts off.

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