Does Riot Games need to rework Valorant's Ranked mode?
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Does Riot Games need to rework Valorant’s Ranked mode?

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Most of the community is highly anticipating Valorant’s full release on June 2. After close to two months of closed beta, Riot Games has decided the game is in the right spot for launch. It’s hard to argue with the developers, but some well-known names in the community are questioning this choice. However, it’s only due to two current issues with Valorant, being the FPS drops and unfinished Ranked mode. In regards to the latter, many professional players have spoken out against the way the matchmaking is structured. With launch on the horizon, some players are worried that Ranked could spell disaster for Valorant.

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What’s wrong with Ranked mode in Valorant?

Depending on whom you ask, Ranked mode has a flurry of issues. Some complain about the strange matchmaking, as sometimes you’ll be facing players in ranks much than yours. Then there are also users who don’t like how solo players are matched up against five-man parties.

While these are legitimate concerns, Riot Games hasn’t made many changes to Ranked in Valorant. Of course, the game isn’t even out of closed beta yet, so there’s still time for revisions after launch. However, high-profile streamer and professional player Daniel “dafran” Francesca is expressing fear for Valorant if changes aren’t made.

Dafran claims he wasn’t even happy when Riot Games announced Valorant was fully releasing. According to him, the problems in Ranked give him no reason to grind the game. Like many others, dafran is calling for Riot to implement matchmaking that solo and parties of two can join exclusively. This way, every match isn’t a battle against five-man parties.

The former Overwatch pro isn’t the only well-known name asking for changes, as evident by the comments on his Twitter post. Hopefully, with enough time after launch, Riot can appease a majority of the community when it comes to Ranked.

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