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Rogue esports investor DJ Nicky Romero has been confirmed positive for COVID-19, just four days after visiting with the LEC Rogue team in Berlin. The Rogue League of Legends squad have been surprise title contenders this year in the European league. They qualified for worlds cemented their first place position for the 2020 Summer split, in what was a great week for the new squad.

This makes them the first team that’s not G2 or FNATIC to win a first place EU split since 2015. Interestingly enough, the last team to do so was SK Gaming—featuring top laner Freddy123, who is now Rogue’s head coach.

Rogue’s League team has had a great week. A visit from their famous DJ sponsor was supposed to be the icing on the cake. However, it may now be on all of their minds that they have been exposed to a positive coronavirus case, especially since the tweets show the squad and Mr. Romero posing together with no social distancing or masks involved.

Nicky Romero takes COVID-19 precautions

For his part, Mr. Romero told World Today that he took the COVID-19 test “as a precaution” after noticing his “cavities bothering him.” He also reported “problems with smelling and tasting,” which is a recognized symbol of the virus.

The DJ had to cancel two upcoming live-streamed shows, where there would nevertheless be hundreds of people in attendance. “It is also about other people’s health,” he said, “so I have decided to err on the side of caution.”

There’s been no official statement on the matter yet from the LEC or Rogue, although it’s early days since the news broke. We can only hope that Rogue’s team members have been informed, and that the necessary tests will be carried out on their end.

More Disruption Possible?

The Summer 2020 playoffs have been disrupted by the pandemic once already. They were supposed to be held in Malmö, Sweden, but the venue was switched back to Berlin after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Dutch house hit-maker DJ Nicky Romero has been a multi-million investor in Rogue’s parent company, RektGlobal, since 2009. We’re not sure what this COVID-19 test will mean for Rogue’s LEC team and the upcoming playoffs. However, we’re sure Riot and Rogue will be monitoring the situation.

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