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Dignitas Female complete its professional VALORANT roster after signing Stefanie to replace Kiara “milk” Makua.

Dignitas Female has been on the rise in the women’s VALORANT scene after they placed fourth at the FTW Summer Showdown back in September of last year. Since then, they have made a name for themselves during the VALORANT Champions Tour Game Changers events in North America. They finished in the top four during the open qualifier for the main Game Changers event. Dignitas Female would then go on to place fourth overall after losing 2-0 to CLG Red in the lower bracket.

Despite impressive showing at tournaments, Dignitas Female fell short again at the hands of CLG Red when they competed at the Tampax Gaming Fest. They would take home their third fourth place finish since the team jumped into VALORANT early last year. However, at the recent Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship, Dignitas failed to impress and finished in the bottom 32 at the tournament. After the event, Dignitas decided to officially bring on former OWA OWA player Stefanie to replace milk.

Stefanie fills the shoes of long-standing Dignitas member

Milk had been a part of Dignitas Female since the organization first entered VALORANT back in April of 2020. She helped the team place second at the ANEW Women’s Open and fourth at both Game Changers and Summer Showdown. After Game Changers, milk was moved off the starting roster and replaced with Stefanie who began trailing with the team.

Stefanie played with OWA OWA who had mixed results in the women’s VALORANT scene. They were able to defeat teams like Watch This, Infinity Val, and Unlucky during the Game Changers event. However, their efforts were not enough to secure them anything higher than the bottom four at the major tournament. Stefanie plays a mix of Raze and Breach, two Agents that are great at holding down the map for their teammates. Milk primarily played Jett while she was on the team before Stefanie joined. Dignitas Female may have to slightly adjust their composition to fit the new addition to fit Stefanie’s comfort picks.