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Dignitas defeated TSM Female via reverse sweep in the Upper Bracket of the Valorant Game Changers event on March 25.

Dignitas bounce back to sweep TSM Female

Game Changers has resulted in several blowouts on both sides. However, the Upper Bracket match between TSM and Dignitas saw all three maps go to at least twenty-three rounds each. Ascent, the first map of the series and TSM’s pick, went the way of TSM after the team was tied 6-6 at the half.  Mirna “Athxna” Noureldin showed up against Dignitas on Killjoy, going 27/14 overall on map one.

Dignitas bounced back on their map of Haven in the second map, taking down TSM 13-11. Haven also saw both teams tie at the half 6-6 before eventually favoring Dignitas. Juliana “showliana” Maransaldi propelled Dignitas to victory after her 22/14 performance on Sova.

TSM would have to step up their game on Split to prevent Dignitas from performing the reverse sweep. Despite a good effort from TSM’s  Emily “mle” Peters, Dignitas completed the reverse sweep and took Split 13-10. Showliana was the saving grace for Dignitas again on map three, going 27/12 on Breach.

TSM Female fall to the lower bracket, defeat I Love Fwogs

After losing to Dignitas in the Upper Bracket, TSM had to face off against Man I Love Fwogs to stay in Game Changers. Unlike their previous matchup, I Love Fwogs appeared to be a much easier opponent for the women on the side of TSM. They were able to complete the sweep, winning 2-0 over I Love Fwogs.

Icebox, the first map and pick of I Love Fwogs, went the way of TSM 13-9 after I Love Fwogs was ahead 7-5 at the half. TSM managed a nearly perfect attack side, going 8-2 in the second half to secure the victory. The second map, Split, was a completely different story from Icebox. TSM steamrolled I Love Fwogs, only dropping one round in the first half before winning 13-1. Mle showed up once again for TSM on Split, going 24/8 with a quadra-kill in the first half.

I Love Fwogs bow out of Game Changers while TSM goes on to face either CLG Red or Moon Raccoons Black tomorrow. Dignitas will face off against Cloud9 White to determine who moves on to the Upper Bracket Final.

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