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The glitches seem to keep on surfacing in Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer. The most recent of these glitches is one involving the Dead Drop Field Upgrade. This particular Field Upgrade allows players to keep their current killstreak count when they die, allowing them to try and earn it again in the next life. The glitch allows players to essentially earn unlimited killstreaks in multiplayer.

Previously, before last week’s update, Sledgehammer Games made it so players could keep earning their top killstreak if they managed to earn it with Dead Drop enabled. The developers were attempting to fix a bug that only allowed players to earn their top streak once in a game. With that fix, though, they’ve introduced this new glitch with Dead Drop into Vanguard.

Dead Drop glitch in Vanguard is breaking lobbies

The way this glitch works is players first need to pop their Dead Drop Field Upgrade in a life. Then, players need to earn their highest killstreak. This could be the Bombing Run, Attack Dogs, etc. Once they’ve earned their top streak and used it, they can go ahead and die to respawn.

With their new life, players will notice their killstreak counter has not reset. Instead, now all players need to do is get one kill to earn their top killstreak again. This allows players to earn multiple sets of Attack Dogs or two Flamenaut Suits in a single life.

To make matters worse, the Dead Drop Field Upgrade recharges fast, so players can keep doing this every minute or so. As of the time of publishing, Sledgehammer Games has not commented on the matter. The issue is not posted on their Trello Board, so it’s not currently classified as a “known issue.” Only time will tell if the glitch makes on Sledgehammer’s radar and when it will be patched.