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NA finds their first win on Day Two of Worlds

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Day two of Worlds has come, and no one would have guessed that Korea would be at the bottom of the standings. However, it seems that the best region in the world is struggling. Meanwhile. there were more upset wins and heartstopping comebacks across the board. Now, let’s look at the matchups for today in South Korea, starting off with the LMS’ Flash Wolves vs. Korea’s Afreeca Freecs.

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Flash Wolves take down Afreeca Freecs

It would be the Taiwanese side to take the fight to Afreeca Freecs from early on in the first game of day two. Flash Wolves’ jungler Kim “Moojin” Moo-jin would propel his team into the lead with his Lee Sin, affecting the whole map in the first 20 minutes. After a few successful ganks, Lu “Betty” Yu-Hung would become a beast on Kai’sa. With an unkillable front line in Sion, Shen, and Urgot, Afreeca Freecs could not reach Betty, as he piled on the DPS.

Afreeca Freecs’ Akali top pick would backfire, as the Flash Wolves would focus on the lane early and render her useless later on. Without a viable tank to soak up any damage, the Koreans would melt in team fights. Now, Afreeca Freecs are down 0-2 but have a break day coming up. They will need to use this time to regroup and plan for the next game. However, Flash Wolves are looking exceptionally strong, having taken down one of the better teams in the tournament.

Phong Vũ Buffalo outplays G2 Esports

We do not know if G2 Esports simply underrated their opponents, or if Phong Vũ Buffalo suddenly had an epiphany. However, these two teams look shades different from what we saw yesterday. On day two, Vietnam’s representatives would outplay the European Gauntlet winners with ease, starting from minute one. Đặng “BigKoro” Ngọc Tài would become a killing machine on Xayah, going 10-1-4 for the game. Their macro play was exceptional as well, with smart roams, well timed ganks and great team fighting.

On the other hand, G2 Esports was looking very sloppy for the 34 minutes they would play. We spoke before about the importance of Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski’s performance on the team. His first death was a clear indicator that maybe, they were not putting much respect on Phong Vũ’s name. He would die trying to take a ward while face-tanking an entire combo from Vel’Koz. It was a series of questionable calls and mistakes that did not help G2’s cause whatsoever. They will need to get their head on straight and make sure not to ever become complacent again.

Fnatic rolls over 100 Thieves with ease

Fnatic would show why they were the best team in Europe this split with a dominant win over 100 Thieves. It was scary how easy Fnatic took over the game from minute one, with Rasmus “Caps” Winther taking a solo kill against Ryu “Ryu” Sang-wook. In fact, Caps would demonstrate why he is considered the tenth best player in the world. It was his world, and everyone else was just living in it. The European superstar would finish off four solo kills on Irelia, and help push his team to victory.

Meanwhile, 100 Thieves were looking all out of sorts for 27 minutes. They would manage to only scrounge up one kill and one turret for their troubles. Also, playing a rookie Richard “Rikara” Samuel Oh would not spell much for his team’s success. This game was the most lopsided game of day two. However, 100 Thieves cannot dwell on it too much. They should learn from their mistakes and prepare for their next match against G-Rex on day three.

Invictus Gaming breezes past G-Rex

Speaking of G-Rex, they would have to go up against Song “Rookie” Eui-jin and Invictus Gaming for Day Two of Worlds. However, it wouldn’t be the great mid play of Rookie that would steal the show. It would be Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning and his Zac, that would be the X-factor for the Chinese third seed. His engages were perfect almost every time, stealing away at least two players in each teamfight. IG’s macro play would do the rest, as they would close out the match in 28 minutes.

G-Rex was looking outclassed by Invictus Gaming for the whole match. They could not stop Ning from jumping into the back line and scooping up the carries. Whenever a teamfight would start, they would be all over the place with their tanks. However, I still believe they can surprise a few people, especially with the matchup against 100 Thieves tomorrow.

Cloud9 defeats Team Vitality in comeback thriller

In easily the most exciting game of day two, Cloud9 has taken down Europe’s Team Vitality in an exciting come from behind win. In true Team Vitality fashion, they would wrestle away the lead in the mid game with some aggressive play calls. Mid laner Daniele “Jiizuke” di Mauro was, again, super aggressive on LeBlanc. He would dive in, take a kill, and dive out before anyone on Cloud9 could react. However, his aggression would be Team Vitality’s downfall.

With his team safely in the lead in the late game, Jiizuke would attempt to assassinate Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen, only to be locked down and killed. Unfortunately, his death was untimely; this gave Cloud9 control over Elder Dragon and more importantly, Baron. With these buffs and the fact that they were in late game, Cloud9 would march right into the Team Vitality base and take the win. This was a demoralizing loss for the Europeans, as they were in the driver’s seat for most of the game. Meanwhile, Cloud9 must have a renewed vigor after this great comeback victory.

RNG goes 2-0 after winning against Gen.G

The last game of day two at Worlds would be between China’s Royal Never Give Up and Korea’s Gen.G. This match was very back and forth, with each team hopping in the lead. Early, RNG would take some small advantages with some skirmishes in the bottom lane. However, in the mid stages of the match, Gen.G would seem to take a big teamfight win to get ahead. This was probably the closest match of the day, but it would be RNG who would find the opening they need.

With the score virtually even, RNG’s Yan “Letme” Jun-Ze would engage into the mid lane with Sion’s ultimate. He would manage to catch out Gen.G’s Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk, and subsequently kill him. The game would suddenly end, with the Korean’s carry down. It was like RNG pulled the trigger on the game, and decided they did not want to play anymore. They are looking like the best team at the tournament so far. Meanwhile, Gen.G is down 0-2 after two days at Worlds. Korea as a whole is the worst region at Worlds standings-wise. We expect them to bounce back, but that won’t stop the “Pick-em’s are dead” jokes from flooding social media.

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