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There looks to be a master plan in the works for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War over at Treyarch. With the open beta launching earlier today, fans are getting a small taste of what the core multiplayer will look and feel like. While it’s not the true experience that the full release will offer on November 13, it’s still a great beginner step. However, the core multiplayer isn’t the only thing that Treyarch is working on. Lead designer for the studio, David Vonderhaar, confirmed that the team is working on a competitive agenda for the game.

Vonderhaar talks about competitive in Black Ops Cold War

There has been much discussion about what Treyarch is doing about competitive this season. While we know the Call of Duty League is returning, that doesn’t help the 99.9% of us who are not professional Call of Duty players. Competitive in this context really means a Ranked playlist.

Earlier in the week, we discussed why Black Ops Cold War needs a Ranked mode to be successful. Well, it appears that Treyarch agrees with that sentiment. While talking to streamer GoldGlove on an Xfinity-sponsored stream, David Vonderhaar spoke briefly about the competitive agenda for the game.

Vonderhaar states simply, “Have you seen a Black Ops game without a competitive agenda?” Obviously, the developer can’t go into details about a Ranked mode but it seems clear that the studio is working on one behind the scenes.

Treyarch is the only Call of Duty developer to include a Ranked playlist in a majority of its games. The last Black Ops game to not feature one was the original Black Ops. So while there are no further details, rest assured, Treyarch is working for the competitive community. Whether the work will be received positively or not has yet to be seen.

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