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One of the biggest questions that Call of Duty: Warzone has been facing is finally answered. A recent video published by prominent YouTuber XclusiveAce clearly proves that skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) exists in Warzone. Many players have believed this since day one, but they couldn’t prove until now.

Infinity Ward also stated that SBMM was not in Warzone or any big-team modes in Modern Warfare. Obviously, the company either lied about this or Activision went over it to implement this controversial mechanic.

The proof of skill-based matchmaking

Over the past few weeks, one of the biggest gripes with Warzone has been the supposed skill-based matchmaking. The game also faces a severe cheating problem, which has recently overshadowed the SBMM discussion.

However, the topic is back in the limelight after YouTuber XclusiveAce published his newest video.

Since the video is 15 minutes long, we’ll break down the highlights. Essentially, XclusiveAce conducted research using four different Warzone accounts. These accounts varied in skill level, as one has nearly a 5 kill/death ratio, another a 2 KDR, and the last two a 1 and a .7 KDR.

During his research, XclusiveAce kept track of the skill levels of the other players in the lobby. Of course, he wasn’t able to see the statistics of players who were on PC or changed their Activision ID. This didn’t skew the project too badly, however.

Like most people thought, the players in each lobby sat right around the skill level of the account XclusiveAce used. In the higher-tier lobbies, the average KDR was around 1.2, which is well above-average. This followed suit with his other accounts as well.

XclusiveAce Warzone SBMM
Image via XclusiveAce on YouTube

If this data wasn’t enough to convince you, the YouTuber also compared the score-per-minutes of each Warzone player in the lobbies. The results were nearly identical to the KDR results.

Image via XclusiveAce on YouTube

So, in conclusion, it seems like skill-based matchmaking is clearly present in Warzone. At this time, we’re not sure why Infinity Ward stated that the game didn’t implement this mechanic. One guess is that Activision made that decision without informing the developers, which could be true. Hopefully, we see some answers from the developers now that this data is out in the open.

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