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Dallas Fuel DPS player Jung “Xzi” Ki-hyo announced April 19 his retirement from the Overwatch League due to health issues involving neck and back pain.

Xzi, who joined Dallas in the offseason, hasn’t played a match yet for the Fuel. He built himself as a key member of the Paris Eternal last season, making big plays for the French squad during 2020. Xzi has stated that this retirement might be temporary, but for now, he needs time to rest and regain his health.

Xzi’s path to the Dallas Fuel and retirement

Xzi began his competitive career for the powerhouse South Korean Overwatch Contenders team Element Mystic. When he first started for the team, the results weren’t great, but Xzideveloped quickly. This all culminated at a Season 1 win in 2019 Contenders. Alongside some of his teammates, Xzi then moved to the Paris Eternal. While the team was a mixed-language roster, the slow addition of South Korean talent heavily improved the Eternal.

Xzi started immediately alongside the French core and showed his skills. This included finishing the season as one of the top rookies. This offseason, however, the South Korean core of the Paris Eternal joined up with fellow former Element Mystic free agents to form a super-team with the Dallas Fuel. With players who know each other since their show-stopping days in Contenders, the Fuel expected to be able to improve over last year’s finish in the Overwatch League.

But, with the league only days away, Xzi is retiring due to health concerns he’s had since those Contenders days. This leaves a hole within the Dallas Fuel lineup of hitscan DPS, but the Fuel seem to already be looking for a replacement. They won’t be terminating Xzi’s contract, as he might still re-join the league in future seasons.