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At the LA Thieves Home Series, the Dallas Empire and Florida Mutineers both ended their stage with an all-important match on June 12, which Dallas won. Had Florida won, they would have secured their place in the Major winner’s bracket. However, since Dallas won, a whole mess of scenarios arose for the Major seeding. Group B is quite the mess as it stands but that will all change tomorrow when Toronto and New York square off at 4:30 p.m. ET.

Dallas defeated Florida 3-2 to close out both teams’ Stage 4 run. The Empire needed the win to stay in the running for the Group B winners’ bracket at the Major. With their backs against the wall, they managed to pull through. Although, they need some outside help if they want to secure their spot in the winners’ bracket.

Dallas Empire complicate the Group B standings

As it currently stands, Dallas is still in the losers’ bracket for the Major, despite their win. Even though Florida and Dallas have a 3-2 Stage 4 record and the Empire beat the Mutineers, the tiebreaker relies on map count. Essentially, Dallas needed to 3-0 Florida to jump ahead of them in Group B.

That didn’t happen, but they still got the win. Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro went huge for the Empire. The former MVP posted a 1.07 in the match, garnering over 15,000 damage in the process. On Florida’s side, Cesar “Sykz” Bueno once again led the way in KD, finishing with a 1.25. The Mutineers actually outslayed the Empire, but it wasn’t enough in the end.

Now, Dallas needs the Toronto Ultra to defeat the New York Subliners tomorrow. This would give the Ultra the first seed in Group B, dropping the Subliners to second. Florida only holds the tiebreaker over Ultra, so if New York is in second place, they fall to the fourth seed as a result of their loss to Dallas. This means the Empire would leap into the third seed and the winner’s bracket. Conversely, if New York defeats Toronto, Florida holds their spot as the third seed, Toronto maintains the second seed and Dallas stays in fourth.