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On Tuesday, Activision filed a lawsuit in the state of California against EngineOwning, one of the most popular cheat providers on the market. This has seemingly put some fear in other cheat distributors, as Cynical Software, another popular provider, announced that it is shutting down Call of Duty cheats on its site. In the announcement, it directly referenced the lawsuit against EngineOwning as the main reason for their decision.

Cynical Software users will no longer be able to purchase cheats on Call of Duty titles, including Warzone Pacific and Vanguard. However, customers can still purchase Warzone accounts, cleaners and spoofers through the site. These tools allow players to hide their IP address in an attempt to avoid being hardware banned.

Cynical Software responds to Activision lawsuit against EngineOwning

“We are taking this opportunity as a warning to us and other providers that Activision is not messing around anymore and Cynical Software does not want any part of it,” the organization stated in its telegram announcement.

Cynical Software is shutting down any support for Call of Duty titles. It is not, however, stopping the sales of third-party tools that are technically not defined as cheats. These tools are “standalone products which do not affect any of the games directly, these applications work independently from the game,” Cynical Software said in the announcement.

Activision’s actions against cheat providers in recent months have gotten several providers to shut their doors when it comes to selling Call of Duty cheats. However, with Activision’s lawsuits, these cheat providers may turn their focus to other titles. In the announcement, Cynical Software said that, with its attention turned from COD, it will “swiftly be developing” cheats for other games.