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The Discover Bowl football esports tournament will kick off on Dec. 1. The HBCU Esports League and Power 5 conference teams will feature. Meanwhile, the tournament will be presented by non-profit organization Cxmmunity and digital banking company Discover.

Where to watch and what to expect

The HBCU Esports League and Power 5 conference teams will duke it out on Twitch, starting at 7 p.m. EST.

Fans and supporters can catch all the action on Cxmmunity’s official Twitch channel. The winner of the Discover Bowl will be determined after a series of best-of-five games.

Madden NFL 21 screenshot
Madden NFL 21 screenshot. | Provided by Electronic Arts

Esports and representation

“The Discover Bowl is a proud moment during our sponsorship of Cxmmunity’s HBCU Esports League and is an example of our commitment to increasing the representation of young minorities within esports, video gaming and science and technology,” said Kate Manfred, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Discover.

Manfred added that Discover is passionate about helping everyone achieve a brighter financial future. She also looks forward to the football esports tournament.

“Discover have been incredible partners in Season 2 of the HBCU Esports League,” Cxmmunity Founder and Executive Director Ryan Johnson noted.

Johnson added that working with partners like Discover has allowed the organization to create a platform dedicated to HBCU students. Through Cxmmunity, students can showcase their talents, be rewarded and gain acknowledgement within their communities.

To Johnson, every event that Cxmmunity participates in prioritizes access to education through STEM and gaming. This is in addition to creating a setting that highlights empowerment, entertainment, sports and culture.

More Cxmmunity esports

The Discover Bowl tournament isn’t Cxmmunity’s only recent foray into supporting HBCU students. In November, Cxmmunity announced an esports conference tailored to the students.

This was created alongside Gen.G and McDonald’s. The livestream featured African-American leaders within the gaming and esports community. It also held workshops and panels that provided students with gaming and content creation advice.

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