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The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 CWL year is reaching its late-season with numerous teams showing potential to be title contenders. With only three more titles left, teams will need to use the next few days as significant practice.

The final split of Division B’s CWL Pro League matches has kicked off this week. The final eight teams are fighting for seeding for the next open Major, the prestigious CWL Anaheim. Just as well, these matches will give a seeding advantage for the upcoming Pro League Finals. Check out Division A’s split results in our write-up.

100 Thieves stealing wins

CWL Pro League Week 9 Recap: 100 Thieves running it up, CWL Anaheim approaches
Credit: MLG

The CWL London champions continue to bask in glory, maintaining their status as an S-tier squad. At this point, the gears in Nadeshot’s golden machine are well oiled. The squad continues to showcase superb slaying prowess, closing out fast series. They went a perfect 3 – 0 win count to close out the week. However, they are tied with eUnited for first place in the division. Many expect history to repeat itself and 100 Thieves to jump to the top of the rankings, but the Thieves are yet to prove this.

eUnited we stand

CWL Pro League Week 9 Recap: 100 Thieves running it up, CWL Anaheim approaches
Credit: MLG

Despite losing another open major final, eUnited show their resilience. eUnited’s week was fairly challenging and they managed to go a perfect 3 – 0. Interestingly enough, their hardest match was against Enigma6; they took victories over strong teams Splyce and Team Envy fairly comfortably. However, eUnited’s true test comes next week as they have the chance to take revenge against 100 Thieves for their smacking in CWL London.

Barely Splyce-ing together map wins

Credit: Splyce

Aside from CWL London, Splyce have been consistently a top-contending team. However, they always seem to perform subpar in Pro League matches, and this week was no different. Despite having an “easier” week on paper, Splyce went ahead and lost all of their matches, going 0 – 4. While their loss to eUnited can be understood, their chokes at the hands of Denial Esports, Elevate, and Enigma6 are surprising. While there have been inklings of team chemistry issues the past month, this performance does not bode well for the roster. Especially since their next week will see them facing off against the higher-tier teams in the division.

Elevating their game

Credit: Elevate

One team that has undoubtedly left fans with their mouths agape is Elevate. This team was the result of the previous rostermania, and many had little faith in the roster. With them being a mix of leftover North American and French players, analysts blasted the team as doomed due to communication differences. These odds didn’t falter the mixed team; despite a poor CWL London placement, the squad came in with the fire this past week. While Elevate took wins from mid-tier teams Enigma6 and Denial Esports, their biggest showing was against Splyce. As mentioned before, this series was an upset, giving Elevate a perfect 3 – 0 week.

The final week of Division B continues on this week. Check back with Daily Esports for your weekly recaps of the CWL Pro League and anything related to Call of Duty.