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With two major events left before Call of Duty World League Championships, everything is coming down to the wire. These next few weeks will decide the fates for most of the 16 teams in the CWL Pro League.

Division A of the CWL Pro League finished its final split the past two weeks. The eight teams in the division battled it out for the top spot in the rankings. The end of this second split is a far different image from the first. Here are your standings for Division A at the end of the two weeks of play:

CWL Pro League Week 7 & 8 Recap: OpTic dominates Division A
Credit: CODWorldLeague

The Green Wall stands strong

CWL Pro League Week 7 & 8 Recap: OpTic dominates Division A
Credit: MLG

Following the previous major, CWL London, OpTic Gaming have carried over their level of play. The OpTic boys seem stronger than their CWL Vegas form, with everyone on the squad playing above and beyond. Their fundamental play has always been incredible, but now the team is executing its strategies well. Throughout the course of two weeks, OpTic went on a perfect 7 – 0 series count, shooting them to the top of the Division A rankings.

A glorious return to the stage

CWL Pro League Week 7 & 8 Recap: OpTic dominates Division A
Credit: MLG

Following the collapse of Red Reserve, another rose from the ashes to take their place. FaZe Clan experienced massive fanfare on their return to the CWL Pro League, especially during CWL London. Coming into the divisional play, FaZe Clan made quick work of the competition, only losing one series to top dogs OpTic Gaming. With a combination of superstar players as well as solid role players, this roster has the potential to be S-tier. This puts them second in the overall Division A standings.

Can’t keep up with the big boys

Credit: JoeBradyPhoto

With OpTic taking the first place, previous leaders Gen.G faced a massive drop in form. Losses to top-tier teams as well as a handful of upsets sent Gen.G crashing down to the third place. While nothing has fundamentally changed about the squad, it seems that individuals failed to perform when needed. The lack of veteran members seems to result in a loss of composure for the squad. Despite that, Gen.G remain a decent top-three team in Division A.

The harder they fall

Credit: MLG

One of the disappointing storylines in the division was Luminosity Gaming’s drastic fall from grace. The Luminosity squad has been plagued with poor showings despite having one of the highest skill ceilings. A lot of these doubts were put to bed when the team took the victory at CWL Fort Worth. However, it seems that the team’s lack of understanding of the fundamentals has once again caught up with them. Additionally, the team chemistry is completely destroyed, with the team deciding to substitute their coach in, benching one of their slayers. Their series record for the split was a devastating 0 – 7, dropping them to the bottom of the rankings.

The Call of Duty action continues in the next two weeks with Division B’s final split of Pro League. Following the completion of divisional play, teams will be preparing for CWL Anaheim, one of the biggest majors of the season. Stay tuned to everything Call of Duty here on Daily Esports.