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The first week of cross-division play has been eventful. Today was the last chance for these eight teams to improve their division standings just in time for CWL London. It has been a week of 3 – 0s and game fives; day 4 was no different. Check out the previous day’s CWL recap if you missed it.

Day 4: Thursday, March 28

Team Envy vs. UYU

Series scoreline: 3 – 0 Team Envy

  • Hardpoint (Seaside): 250 – 231 (Team Envy)
  • Search and Destroy (Gridlock): 6 – 4 (Team Envy)
  • Control (Arsenal):  3 – 1 (Team Envy)

Team Envy are still going strong, taking a quick 3 – 0 in an unexpected manner. While their star players underperformed, team captain Patrick “ACHES” Price had his way with UYU. Not only ACHES, but other support players held their own, which propelled Team Envy to a victory. By maintaining this form, it allowed players like Cuyler “Huke” Huke to warm up later in the series. Team Envy played the series smart, valuing their lives, using utility well, and controlling the map correctly. This could potentially be the boys in blue shedding their mantra off being a coin-flip team.

UYU falter from a lack of standout performances on the team. The team has been getting by off of wonderful performances from their star players. However, in the wake of off-games from them, the rest of the team isn’t consistent enough to pick it up. It has been a constant problem that they lack SMG pressure, resulting in a passive, play-for-picks style. Once these angle-watching setups break, UYU simply aren’t synergized enough to retake control.

MVP of the series: Patrick “ACHES” Price

ACHES has continuously stepped up his game throughout the week. While he has had more impact in Team Envy’s SND, this day saw an improved slaying performance. Multiple times, he displayed disciplined patience to put himself in advantageous positions. This along with superb play with the ICR resulted in him dropping monster numbers.

Evil Geniuses vs. Excelerate Gaming

Series scoreline: 3 – 0 Excelerate Gaming

  • Hardpoint (Gridlock): 250 – 71 (Excelerate Gaming)
  • Search and Destroy (Gridlock): 6 – 3 (Excelerate Gaming)
  • Control (Gridlock):  3 – 1 (Excelerate Gaming)

Excelerate Gaming are on a rise. The squad looks comfortable now, allowing multiple players to go off. Multiple points in the series, everyone was able to get a two-piece or make a heads-up play. With at least three players consistently going off, Excelerate Gaming can easily control and break objectives. It also helps that their SnD strategies are well-thought, and with multiple days of play, the team has gotten into a rhythm.

Evil Geniuses made a complete 180. Despite having gradual improvement throughout the week, they reverted to past form this day. Their SMG duo once again showed inconsistency while their star players had slower games. It comes down to the fact that the support system in Evil Geniuses is not strong enough for these off-days.

MVP of the series: Carson “Brack” Newberry

Brack has been a constant shining star in this Excelerate squad. The team can always rely on him to make the right plays or simply get a huge three-piece. Now that his teammates are comfortable with his play, it allows them to play their roles comfortably.

eUnited vs. Red Reserve

Series scoreline: 3 – 2 eUnited

  • Hardpoint (Frequency): 250 – 145 (eUnited)
  • Search and Destroy (Payload): 6 – 2 (Red Reserve)
  • Control (Frequency):  3 – 2 (Red Reserve)
  • Hardpoint (Gridlock): 250 – 228 (eUnited)
  • Search and Destroy (Arsenal): 6 – 1 (eUnited)

EUnited clutched up once again. The story for eUnited remained the same throughout this week. The team shows its dominance in the respawn games and closes out the game five once again. EUnited have had fewer situations where they’re forced to clutch, and this is on the back of their ability to maintain control in games. The team’s issue now is that they have to identify their map pool, to avoid being put in map five series.

Red Reserve are likely no more. This last week was the final straw for the last full-EU squad in the CWL Pro League. Despite their efforts, they failed to close out the series. With players consistently underperforming, the team synergy is gone. The players on the squad simply don’t believe in the roster, and we should expect massive changes coming into April’s rostermania.

MVP of the series: Chirs “Simp” Lehr

Simp has had one of the best breakout weeks for a pro league rookie. He has perfectly translated his SnD expertise into the team’s system. At this point, everyone is excited to see how far this rookie can go.

Team Heretics vs. Luminosity Gaming

Series scoreline: 3 – 2

  • Hardpoint (Frequency): 250 – 144 (Team Heretics)
  • Search and Destroy (Gridlock): 6 – 1 (Luminosity Gaming)
  • Control (Gridlock):  3 – 0 (Team Heretics)
  • Hardpoint (Arsenal): 250 – 144 (Luminosity Gaming)
  • Search and Destroy (Hacienda): 6 – 4 (Team Heretics)

Team Heretics are back in form. The Spanish squad’s recent role switch has benefited them greatly. While they aren’t the dominant team that ran through Division B, they show better control in maps. Players are more comfortable, resulting in that slaying prowess and speed that the team was feared for.

Luminosity Gaming has slowed down. Whether it is lack of practice or teams catching up, LG don’t look like the championship team from CWL Fort Worth. Teams have now dedicated a player to effectively counter LG’s Rampart play. But the biggest worry is Luminosity’s deterioration in their Control game mode. Luminosity Gaming have their map pool for Hardpoint and SnD sorted, but their failure to close controls is what’s really losing them series.

MVP of the series: Adrian “MeTTalZz” Serrano

MeTTalZz has consistently performed throughout the week of cross-divisional play. This can largely be attributed to his switch back to an SMG role. However, with his team on comfortable positions, this opens the map to allow MeTTalZz to go off. Every piece on the Team Heretics squad is unique, but MeTTalZz remains a player that can consistently put up strong numbers.