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With pool play officially over, the real tournament has begun at CWL Champs 2019. On day 3, we saw the first rounds of the Winners Bracket as well as some of the Losers Bracket. Surprises galore took place in each bracket, with both top tier and amateur teams proving themselves on the mainstage.

Several Pro League teams were eliminated on the first day of bracket play. However, other favorited squads showed they have what it takes to go all the way. Here’s every major storyline from day 3 of CWL Champs 2019.

OpTic Gaming show their Las Vegas form

It’s been a long time coming for OpTic, but it appears they finally are back to form. After months and months of lackluster play, their Champs showing so far has been extremely impressive. In Winners Round 1, they handled Team Heretics with ease, winning 3-1.

Whether because of the realization OpTic Gaming might not exist after this event or the recent role changes, OpTic looks fantastic. The roster is playing with confidence and poise again, as they did at CWL Las Vegas.

Though their Search and Destroy needs some polishing, their respawn game modes are impeccable. Nobody seems to be able to beat the Greenwall twice in Hardpoint or Control. If they continue to perform the way they have been in respawn and tidy up S&D, we could be crowning OpTic as champions yet again.

They face off against the red-hot Enigma 6 next in Winners Bracket Round 2.

Team Singularity and Team WaR take down top teams

Though both amateur squads fell to the Losers Bracket, they have not made it easy for the opposition. Singularity fell to fellow amateur team Sicario Gaming in Winners Round 1, while Team WaR dropped to eUnited.

Singularity couldn’t manage to defeat Sicario but absolutely smoked Team Envy in the Losers Bracket. A mainstay at CWL Champs, Envy being knocked out in the first round is a stunner.

On the other side of things, Team WaR couldn’t handle the slayers of eUnited. However, in the Losers Bracket, the veteran team barely edged out Splyce. While their roster looked dangerous in pool play, Splyce ends up with only a top 16 finish.

Though it’s been a fairy tale run for both squads, one will go home soon, as they will face each other in Losers Round 2.

FaZe Clan out of CWL Champs

Probably the biggest shock of the tournament, FaZe Clan is out of CWL Champs with a top 16 finish. Taking on 100 Thieves in Losers Round 1, to say this finish is disappointing for the team, as well as the viewers, is an understatement.

FaZe seemed to be on the right track heading out of pools. However, they ran into the freight train that is Reciprocity, dropping them to the Losers Bracket.

In an unfortunate turn of fate, one of FaZe or 100 Thieves would finish top 16. For the first few games, it looked like FaZe wouldn’t be that team, as they led 2-0. However, in the Control, things started to turn for the worse for FaZe. Sam “Octane” Larew spearheaded a 2 vs 7 life advantage to win a Control Round.

100 Thieves would go on to win the next three games, completing the reverse sweep. It’s a devastating loss for FaZe but gives 100T a ton of momentum for their Losers Bracket run.

FaZe Clan goes out top 16, but 100 Thieves will take on Elevate in Losers Round 2.

Those are the key points from day 3 of CWL Champs! Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Call of Duty coverage.