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Earlier this week, New York Subliners pro Ian “Crimsix” Porter claimed the Call of Duty League voted on the third game mode for the 2022 season. While it might seem this vote was between modes like Control and Domination, the league apparently voted on whether or not Warzone Pacific should be the third game mode.

While developers implemented Control into the CDL ruleset in privates matches and the challengers scene has used it, there’s still uncertainty about the CDL’s third game mode nearly two months after the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard. Despite that, Control has a plethora of bugs and some broken elements, like spawns. This lack of attention to detail on the part of the developers led to OpTic owner Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez calling them out on a recent podcast.

Control wasn’t always the answer, though, according to Crimsix. The winningest player in COD history said that the league was one vote away from naming Warzone as 2022’s third game mode. League officials denied this, but Crimsix is seemingly sticking with his claim.

Crimsix claims Warzone was almost 2022’s third game mode

Crimsix initially made this claim while streaming on Twitch and talking to his chat.

“What irks me is that we have people making decisions that do not need to be making decisions,” Crimsix said. “I don’t even want to talk about what mode we were about to play. It wasn’t Control, though. Let’s just say it’s like extremist Prop Hunt and it was almost voted in.”

After saying this, Crimsix told the chat he would give them a hint and then switched to the Warzone Pacific main lobby. When asked if players were consulted about this decision, the New York pro simply said, “Absolutely f******** not.”

While some of his viewers likely brushed this off as a joke, Crimsix doubled down in a stream a few days later. He said again that Warzone was one vote away from being map three. The CDL apparently held this vote because of the issues currently plaguing Control.

However, the player relations representative for the CDL, Spencer Peterson, jumped in and said, “Unfortunately, this is not a true statement.” Crimsix responded to this the only way he knows how.


As of right now, the official third game for the pro scene of the CDL is still up in the air.

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