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The 2022 Call of Duty League has seen a number of twists and turns, ultimately culminating in various players swapping teams for next season. From OpTic Texas breaking up and then staying together, to Atlanta FaZe dropping Arcitys, to Minnesota ROKKR announcing a mostly-EU powerhouse roster, the 2023 CDL is shaping up to be the best season yet.

However, one staple of the COD scene might not be participating in the season. According to the man himself, former New York Subliner Ian “Crimsix” Porter has recently revealed that he’s yet to receive any offer for the 2023 season.

It was widely known that Crimsix was struggling to find his way onto a roster for next year. Although, as the debatable greatest player of all time, many thought Crimsix would eventually receive an offer of some kind once the initial dust of rostermania settled. That doesn’t seem to be the case though — at least not yet.

Crimsix went live on Twitch last night, as he’s done throughout the offseason, and talked about his options for 2023. Or, we should say, the lack thereof options he currently has for next season.

“My agent reached out to everybody, and no one wants me. No one,” Crimsix said on stream.

It’s quite the shock for longtime fans of the scene, as Crimsix has been near or at the top of Call of Duty since he was on the Complexity/Evil Geniuses dynasty in 2012-2014.

Even teams without a full roster, such as the Las Vegas Legion or Florida Mutineers, apparently have other plans that don’t include Crimsix, no matter if he’s available or not. There’s no clear reason as to why teams might be rejecting Crimsix. However, age could be a large factor, as teams have committed to assembling younger players to ready themselves for the future in recent years.

Crimsix’s antics, such as the fight that took place on The Flank podcast a couple of weeks ago, could also be a reason for the player’s lack of offers thus far. Finally, Crim demands a high salary, which could steer teams away from signing him.

In a previous live stream, Crimsix revealed he was perfectly fine with retiring — at least for the time being — if things didn’t fall his way this offseason. It seems unlikely Crimsix would participate in the Challengers scene, so he would presumably transition to content creation if he were to step away from competitive Call of Duty.

It remains to be seen if Crimsix will end up on a CDL roster come Modern Warfare 2. Perhaps if teams don’t get other players they wanted, they’ll call Crimsix’s line. Until then, fans can likely expect to see the second-winningest COD player live on Twitch talking about the league and its players.

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